✨NEW✨Hunt for Aztec Riches! BIG BETS & BIG WINS! It’s a Battle to the Finish!

Big Wins Video Information:

Hey friends!! Today’s video is a battle against the all new Hunt for Aztec Riches slot machine in Durant Oklahoma Choctaw Casino! Come join me in this video for the chase to land all the coins for some amazing fun slot gaming bonus features! Let’s smack em down!

Thanks for watching todays slot video! Remember friends, I make these videos for entertainment purposes only. If you visit a casino, always set a personal budget and play responsibly. No win is ever guaranteed, so be well and please seek professional help if you have a gambling problem.

See ya next slot Hoppn video!!

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✨NEW✨Hunt for Aztec Riches! BIG BETS & BIG WINS! It’s a Battle to the Finish!

32 thoughts on “✨NEW✨Hunt for Aztec Riches! BIG BETS & BIG WINS! It’s a Battle to the Finish!

  1. Hiya mate greetings from blackpool,England ,can I say when I sent you that little rhyme the other day ,it didn't get a mention 😂 that's number one because you wouldn't know ,the fun music behind it plus us either side of the pond have different senses of humour ,but there's no doubt over the years we've had the most famous comedians 😂,I'm one lol anyway have a great weekend ****y lady 🤪

  2. Hey 🙋🏽‍♀️Natalie!!! Good luck on the slots today!! 🎰🎰🎰🎰

  3. Once again your tenacity has paid off! You ARE amazing! Have fun, take care, win big, say hi to Big Dave and as always LOVE YA BUNCHES!!!!

  4. hi slot hopper good win hope u are feeling better and your little 1 too take care my friend have a nice weekend and happy 4 of July😘😍🥰💜💙💓💞💚💖💛🧡💝❤🤟👍 love deb

  5. I think the machine was a little too loud. I couldn't hear you very good and I love your comments! ☺️

  6. That’s the best red screen game I’ve seen so far🍀👍🎉😻. I was hoping it was easier👍🎰. Have a fantastic night.🤠🌸🌸

  7. That was amazing 👏 I really thought you were going to take a loss, but like a lot of times you win the battle. Congratulations 🎉🎊💥🎯💖

  8. Hi., to you and Dave , slot hopper 👋🏻From Duncan Oklahoma.✨✌🏻✨

  9. Okay I was really enjoying this game until that creepy mummy dude came out-now I'm absolutely sure I will never play it LOL LOL

  10. Okay it might have redeemed itself with the doggy feature I'm a sucker for a cute dog

  11. Heading up to Winstar tomorrow. Hoping to have some luck! Great video!! 🤑🎰

  12. That first machine was paying good on $20 denom and everytime it would get on a roll you would up the bet and it would just stop paying

  13. One helluva battle! 🎉 this seems like less red spins than Neptune?☠️💀☠️

  14. Just let you know I hit 20k last night on a $10 money bag

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