⭐ I GOT THE PERFECT NUDGE ON CRYSTAL STAR!! ⭐ Slot machine Big Wins and live play!

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I love playing those slots that have nudging reels!! Check out one of my recent big wins on Crystal Star where the nudging worked out in my favor!! I’ve got lots of slot machine wins and strategy in this weeks episode!!

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⭐ I GOT THE PERFECT NUDGE ON CRYSTAL STAR!! ⭐ Slot machine Big Wins and live play!

17 thoughts on “⭐ I GOT THE PERFECT NUDGE ON CRYSTAL STAR!! ⭐ Slot machine Big Wins and live play!

  1. Thanks for sharing. That was a lot of fun. Now I can go to sleep and dream of jackpots.🤣

  2. Awesome video Neil. Congrats on your wins. Huff n Puff is a tuff game. Never got the hats before😪 don't play it anymore 🤣. Have a wonderful Wednesday. 💚💕💚🎰🎰🎰💚💕💚

  3. Hi Neil, just wondering if you get paid more money if we watch the whole advertisement ?

  4. Neily, do you ever put a new bill into a machine after you pull your ticket out from the 5 game Cash Me Out Challenge when a machine is doing good such as the 1st spin bonus on this video? Just asking because that machine seemed HOT 🔥. Thanks for the video.

  5. Great video Neil. You deserve all those good things! Continued good luck to you, my favorite slot guy!

  6. Just discovered your channel and it’s been fun watching. I’m also in SoCal and was wondering – which casino is your favorite to play in?

  7. Oh I do like that gold star game ! An I love picking games , great video , have good day ! 💕

  8. Love the win on the Crystal Star! And, phooey on Buffalo Extreme: it did not want to send the thundering herd anyway near a win for you. Well, "darn!" But it ended up a winning week!

  9. Hey Neily777, Your the only slot player on youtube that moves around from machine to machine. Thats the way to do it. Sooner of later, your going to hit a loose machine….or maybe a loose woman. lol lol jk. ok thanks for sharing. Keep the videos coming.

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