$125 spin JACKPOT & she does this 😅 #shorts

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$125 spin JACKPOT & she does this 😅 #shorts

39 thoughts on “$125 spin JACKPOT & she does this 😅 #shorts

  1. This is the stupidest slot machine it rather hit my head against the wall than win money on this

  2. Can she just stop touching the fuking machine? Jesus! Oh sorry! Oops sorry! Third time oh SORRY! Wouldn't let that **** happen if it was my cash in that's machine at 125 a smack!

  3. Well she's not spending a hundred and twenty five bucks a spin because it's free spins that you're playing on

  4. She's fired although if it is going to Hit it would give you another bonus LoL 😂 thanks 👍

  5. Boa tarde, estou a procura de um agente de jogos, caso tenha interesse podemos conversar.

  6. Bonuses are pre-programmed if you start/stop the spins, it changes the result. So it may be good or bad. Either way, it's not a good idea

  7. Fast clicking on slotmachines will not get other outcomes. The combination has already been picked out. It only changes the speed of you losing you're money

  8. Rapidfire does not change your outcome when you push the bet button it’s gonna be the same outcome either way

  9. They literally found this girl on the Vegas Strip. It’s an Escort forsure. Lmao.

  10. she's not rapid firing, she wants to stop the money counting but she presses the button once it stopped so it looks like a rapid fire, but it's actually just a mistake

  11. He had her hit the button so she could pay the taxes on what he thought was going to be a jackpot 😂

  12. She's definitely playing on Daddy's money 💰 but I'm sure she's worth it.

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