$150 Free Play on Ultimate Fire Link | Big Win Bonus on $8 Bet! | Slot Traveler

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$150 Free Play on Ultimate Fire Link | Big Win Bonus on $8 Bet! | Slot Traveler

On my last trip to Las Vegas I had $150 of Free Play at Aria, and I decided to go boldly on Ultimate Fire Link! Fun session with a Big Win on $8 bet!

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$150 Free Play on Ultimate Fire Link | Big Win Bonus on $8 Bet! | Slot Traveler

37 thoughts on “$150 Free Play on Ultimate Fire Link | Big Win Bonus on $8 Bet! | Slot Traveler

  1. Hey Manny nice profit on your free play. I thought you were going to bonus on that last spin too. Good luck

  2. That first bonus sure done did ya dirty but them balls( and we love them balls 😏😏😂) and ya risky 8 doll hair bets sure paid off 🙆 🙆 Great profit .Nice one Papi 😀😀

  3. Another Great Video Manny! Great Bonus Hit On $8.00 Bet Keep them Coming! BIG BALLS!!! Ken D.

  4. Congrats, awesome video as always!! I look forward to watching your videos. Have a blessed day.

  5. Guurl..I love it when you go in search of balls :D. Or when you play Buffalo and during the bonus start asking for "head" – of the Buffalo, of course ;). I'd have thought when you put out a call like that so loudly there would be a number of takers in the casino. I'll ask Albert if that ever worked for him :D! Great hit on this machine!! Aria is a great place!!

  6. That first bonus was certainly ugly! But the second one was certainly respectable, congrats!

  7. We just got Tarzan in my local but haven't tried it out yet. I hope we get this game it looks fun. I don't know if you know what vgt games are but I hit 900.00 bucks on Mr money bags….kept me playing on casino money all night and the next day!!! Was fun

  8. If your going to play $10 a spin you should of done it on $1. Great video!

  9. I love dime denom Manny. My favorite version of Ultimate Fire Link is Glacier Gold. Aria gave me my first Vegas handpay a couple years ago. I wish free play gave you more. That bonus was hot! Yaaaas! 🐼🐾👏🏻

  10. That's definitely not the machine I would use freeplay on – terrible conversion on it.

  11. That was great! Nice run on free play! 👍😀

  12. Great free games bonus. I still have yet to score free games on this game! I love the potential when you increase the bet 😄

  13. Hi Manny.. thanks for sharing fun video.. glad you made a come back..with a nice win!.. love and hugs!.. Bonnie

  14. Fun video ST love the different denom plays congratulations buddy 😎😎👍🏽🎸💰

  15. Great video and wins. Loved watching…a bit scary at the beginning, but what a fantastic ending. A big thumbs up and continued good luck my friend.

  16. Yes!! Nice win on freeplay!! We love those big hot balls!! Was that Charles who farted? 😂😂

  17. Amazing bonus congratulations, I'll have to try this version I forgot how the free spins worked, thanks for sharing 🥰

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