1st Spin HUGE WIN, NEW Buffalo Gold Wheels of Reward Slot @Yaamava ! Is This the Best Buffalo Ever!?

Big Wins Video Information:

A 1st Spin HUGE WIN in the NEW Buffalo Gold Wheels of Reward Slot Machine by Aristocrat! This version has 3 special wheels that are active in the free games. You trigger bonus with your normal 3 coins and you can still re-trigger with 2 regular coins. If you trigger with at least 2 ReTrigger Coins, you spin the Free Games Wheel. Depending on how many coins you trigger with determines which ring you spin. You only need 1 corresponding symbol to trigger the other 2 wheels. With the multiplier you can land up to 3 coins, so there are 3 rings. The maximum multiplier in the game is 64x. If you can get a good bonus going, there’s so much happening, that it’s alot of fun! This might be the best version of Buffalo Gold ever! Taken at Yaamava Casino/Hotel in Highland, CA.

Check out my Jackpot Handpays:

And some Huge/Massive Wins:


0:00 Intro
0:35 First Spin Bonus – HUGE WIN!
12:24 Second Bonus on 3rd Spin
16:09 Bonus Number 3
24:42 Bonus Number 4
27:26 Bonus Number 5
29:40 Bonus Number 6

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1st Spin HUGE WIN, NEW Buffalo Gold Wheels of Reward Slot @Yaamava ! Is This the Best Buffalo Ever!?

40 thoughts on “1st Spin HUGE WIN, NEW Buffalo Gold Wheels of Reward Slot @Yaamava ! Is This the Best Buffalo Ever!?

  1. What a great session and HUGE WIN on this new game! Congrats Albert! It was definitely a FunDay Sunday for sure!!!🤑💰👍🏼

  2. Congrats on that epic 1st spin bonus with a huge win. Didn't see those Shinobi taps on this session, maybe with those taps on the next session will be a jackpot handpay 👋👋🍀🎰💰🤑🕺🕺🕺

  3. Just Subscribed to your Channel .. I enjoy watching you Play and Win. Watching from Colorado ☺️♥️👍

  4. What a fun game…a real nail-biter. You've worked so hard to get 15 Heads so I was surprised when you said…"I'm not so sure I want the 15 heads…I got so few games left." Congrats on getting so many Bonuses & that sweeet profit. Enjoyed

  5. That was AMAZING! Your machine was on 🔥! So close to 15!! Congrats on your first attempt. I can't wait to try this one soon 🦬🤑

  6. This version looks really fun. I hope they have it in Vegas when I visit in October.

  7. What a cool game Awesome Congratulations 🎉Woohoo 🥳Blessings Y Besos 😘

  8. Never seen a run like that on any kind of buffalo game every bonus is a big pay. Nice Job!

  9. Im not a very big fan of Buffalo games BUUUT, you definitely got me wanting to play this one. Thank you for showcasing it and grats on your win!

  10. Thanks for sharing, this may be the only Buffalo game I like. Great video.

  11. Missed the first 15 spins in that 5th bonus. That was an awesome run though. Looks like a cool game.

  12. On 2nd week of July, a man playing this machin @$3:75 bet, and he got bonus game… 168 free spin 15 Buffaloes… he won $18k…

  13. I always up my bet after I hit the first one do that* 3 and 2 cents triple but you made dude

  14. Probably left three or four thousand dollars in the table. Dude 375 isn't a Max bet and then your Bentley penny why wish I got a machine that hot as much as I play s*** I would have pulled in forty Grand

  15. I've been playing a long time. I see you have to learn some more. And hope you get enough people who like to see you count and add up and wait for you that's what might kill your chances I'll having a good pay but you don't have to listen do what you.

  16. I do hope you win a lot more now. Lucky you, I will see your page one more time.good luck.!!!!

  17. That was amazing, I wanna play, haven't seen it in Tucson yet, maybe I will see in Laughlin, good luck 👍

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