1st Time Trying The $20 Method At Yaamava Casino! It Worked!

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1st Time Trying The $20 Method At Yaamava Casino! It Worked!

Hey SC Fam! In todays video we head to Yaamava Casino to play some slot machines and win some money! You guys are familiar with the $20 method by now. This is our first time trying the $20 metod at Yaamava Casino…and it worked! Hope you guys enjoy today’s video! We love you all…BYE!!!

Slot machines in this video:
Wild Lepre’coin Double Luck

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1st Time Trying The $20 Method At Yaamava Casino! It Worked!

40 thoughts on “1st Time Trying The $20 Method At Yaamava Casino! It Worked!

  1. You guys are a hoot!! Just found your channel today and I had to subscribe immediately!

  2. You killing me screaming grandpa. Bet people around you are like what the heck

  3. Now Ima have "GRAAANPAAAAH" playing on my head every time I see this machine 😩

  4. 1st time using $20/machine method. HIT BIG!! Too bad I can’t show a photo. 2 weeks ago went to Yaamava to try the $20/machine rule I learned from a Nice man called Professor X (or something close) Had a little $100 BR-Played 4 slots. I had $50 profit. On my 5th slot with $50 in my profit pocket. Punching left to right. On button 5 ($8.80) 💥 Bam! Free 3 Spins up$300 more free 5spins up$600 Finally it went WILD! Spinning +Spinning Jackpot!! UP to $1,565 before stopping. Wife jumping 😃 happy. Collected my $$$$ Stopped all playing and drove home a happy couple🤑💰🙀

  5. Just wanted to say this method is definitely a go to for me as of tonight. Just finished a session down here in Miami and it was worth the try. I was able to play numerous games and I’ve seen more bonus rounds because of it! Wishing y’all the best of luck!! 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  6. It’s all about it was written in your life you winning not luck all this method don’t work its ll about it was destined to happen in your life

  7. Bruh, this joint works. I just saw this video THIS MORNING and was like ‘let me see if this works!’ 🤪 it did. I went in playing on spending only $100. My first $20 I turned that into $206. Then lost $40. Tried the method on a high stakes machine and won $600. The finale, last machine I won $3.756 bet 30, 90 & 150 credits. Tax was 29% so I walked out w/ about $3,200. So thanks man.

    Side Note: playing the slots that gives fee spins are the key from what I see!!!

  8. Hey I want to buy one of your winners banks I play at yaamava casino all the time can you bring one to the casino for me to buy ?

  9. 7/2/22 I used his method on Buffalo Gold 4 machines $273 profit. I bet max on all machines. Thank you!

  10. I spent $1000 at a slot at Yaamava and didn't even get 1 bonus. The worst casino ever.

  11. No such thing as a method for a slot machine it’s all luck still fun to watch though good luck

  12. That was fun to watch & will definitely try this method my next visit. Been watching you two for years & definitely lucky together😍

  13. **** casinos is big mafia I loss over at millon dollars???????? so **** liers!!!!??

  14. Funny because when I first started playing slots I would always put 40$ in the machine an I noticed I'd win more lol never had luck with the 20

  15. the 20 dollar method does work. I've used it many times. fun video. I loved it. Grandpa!!!

  16. I've done that 😂 hit n run method. $400 worth break $100 bills to $20 plays. Didn't make much $175 called it a night.

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