$200,000+ on Razor Shark (1000x Coin) 😱 Biggest Wins Of The Week 21

Big Win Video Information:


0:10 – Lamar and Rune printed on Juicy Fruits (Pragmatic Play)
2:11 – Jonte and Georgi asked for a coin on Dinopolis and got it! (Push Gaming)
3:56 – Joe tried the new Hacksaw game Stack’Em and got an insane win!
7:13 – From the creators of β€œWhere are the Squares?” – Georgi in a new action clip β€œGive me this Jar, give me a bonus” directed by Jammin Jars (Push gaming)
9:57 – Two coins. One Dream. Huge win for Joe on Razor Shark (Push Gaming)

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$200,000+ on Razor Shark (1000x Coin) 😱 Biggest Wins Of The Week 21

12 thoughts on “$200,000+ on Razor Shark (1000x Coin) 😱 Biggest Wins Of The Week 21

  1. Give me the fuc…. jar 😁😁😁 amazing georgi πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  2. Never tired of these lads! TriHard 7
    Give Georgi a fuuuuuucking jar !!! 🀣
    Stake: gordonramse

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