1. that is at lie big lie?????????? is fishing of people like stupid??
    I lose over at millon if dollars
    that I said I f….. big lie……. make stupid in USA!!?????

  2. Do they actually think by touching the screen it will change their luck . That lady is so divisional lol

  3. Omg these are the people that everyone in the casino HATES. SHUT UP damn!! As a former casino employee I can tell you are the people who come whining at the beginning of the year bc you owe 100k in taxes and was to derpy to pay them up front.

  4. As they get all the comps and perks from big bets on their card Guys play with your own card people

  5. I feel like if you have the money to make those bets then winning 30k isn't that big of a deal. Stop screaming like ****ing children. You are grown ass adults.

  6. Thank you for that exciting session, I was really looking to see any color drop. Enjoyed every moment, good luck.

  7. What name of camera person in this video sound like friend, family sound voice

  8. Seriously… That's one addictive sick bit.. h… Shame on you to put this on video… You know there are people who are homeless in your country and you betting 500!!!!!! Per spin…. But you know what? I hope one day you become homeless from your sickness and then you will remember what you were doing… Nice going you sick b… h…

  9. Play for fun is ok! bit not to be addict, heavy gambler! I had lost 4 million dollars gambling

  10. Nothing better than a mf screaming at the top of their lungs every few seconds when one ball lands "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" annoying asf just shutup and play

  11. Quite annoying to watch and overwhelming but great wins and congrats also you guys must be already rich cause a person with average pockets won't play like that.

  12. I don’t understand the code you key in after a win…
    You seem to change the numbers every time 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. Great wins but so much screaming and yelling and cussing, , and arms flying. I will watch lady luck.

  14. Awesome play minus the whole lady screaming the whole time and slapping the screen like a child

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