13 thoughts on “Back to Back Bonuses for Huge Win!! Huff n More Puff Slot! SG game

  1. Great run on tough game! Wish a guy could ever something other that the Mega Hat with the buzz saw feature though……….although that last one did well.

  2. WOOOHOOOOOO!!!! 🤩🫶🏻🎉🎈🎆 Way to go Fred!!! 🎊🎇👍🏻 That was a heck of a run n a FANTASTIC hit at the end!!! 🎰✨️💲💥🤙🏻 CONGRATS!!! 💰💵🤑

  3. Great win👍🏼I wish I could of meet you I was at Winstar from Thursday the 12 to Saturday the 14

  4. Wow guess I got lucky lol. On 2.50 bet nickels my first time playing I got the Mansion feature for 795 dollars lol. I love this game 😀

  5. Congrat's! I am glad you did well on Huff-h-Puff. I never do make a profit on this game just donate. Thanks for sharing.

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