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40 thoughts on “BATHROOM BIG WIN!!!!!

  1. Daniel you're so lucky to be blessed with your mom ❤ you got one lucky lady there

  2. "I was on the crap pot and mom hit the jackpot!!!" Rhyming in MY LIFE!!!🤣🤣

  3. Your Sheng long game means vigorous dragon lives like a lively tiger….way loosely translated. Now ya know 😁 Also..good lesson learned in not falling for the extra sucker bet! Oh, and congratulations on the big bathroom win! Favorite Danielism of the day…I wrote that off the top of my dome! 😂🤣

  4. Gee's Daniel ya about blew the wax out a my ears, just a little louder ya might have got the 10G's

  5. Love you both I can't stop watching. ❤️ please continue this wonderful therapy 🙏 Love to gamble too 😄

  6. That jackpot was because of your mother and not your bathroom jackpot! 🤣

  7. Before watching this I truly thought there was a slot machine in a bathroom somewhere lol

  8. I got to say I would like to borrow your family awesome picker and Daniel too. I would like to have you two 2⃣ players play on the machine and I will split it up with you. Amen

  9. Thank you Mom for the Bathroom Bonus Win😂😂😂My Friend My Friend you really are special, you bring so much laughter in our lives in our lives. Good luck rest of the week 🤞🍀 good night n God bless you Both 🙏♥️

  10. Daniel is a genius! He knew the bonus was coming so he went to peepee so that Ma would be surprised. That could have been "The Greatest First Time Ever Bathroom Jackpot".

  11. A quick Question, If you have money in the machine and you need the Toilet can you ask a staff member to stand in front of it so no one plays it?🇬🇧🧐

  12. Тут все зависит от игрока. Можно и насливаться, можно и подняться. Все от тебя зависит)😄

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