Big BET, Big WIN! Spin it Grand is back!

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Big BET, Big WIN!  Spin it Grand is back!

16 thoughts on “Big BET, Big WIN! Spin it Grand is back!

  1. love it when you say "oh my Goodness"😍 Always Good luck to you 🍀🍀🍀

  2. Good morning Debbie 🤗 wishing you get all the big wins today 🤑💰🍀🤞🏾

  3. Wow, you had an awesome win on that Spin it Grand. A huge line hit and then the bonus right after.! pretty nice session

  4. Literally went to MY local CASINO last night; the VERY last & FINAL slot machine of the NIGHT was O.G. 88 Fortunes; I played THAT game for 1hr 15min closed THAT pot somehow 4 times; First time, little Mr. Minor shows up; I stiff-armed that kid INTO the DIRT (NFL Street videogame rules); then MY friend Major showed up to the party (I actually needed 2 more of HER ($200.78) orb/coins) That GRAND(son) is a EVIL dream CRUSHING ant (my HEART) burning DIRTY little JERK; it WAS for $10,491.68. I couldn't WIN it. I could TASTE that elusive"G". I totally WASN'T chasing anything; just relaxed & playing. If I was ACTUALLY in YOUR position I'd be a outdoor CITY vlogger as well as a SLOTS channel. Thanks again for the AMAZING videos FROM the PAST few MONTHS. Sincerely your WA state comrade & subscriber of SLOTS; Jamal (pronounced JA-MEL) Sampson. You seriously AMAZE!!!!

  5. Nice wins on your favorite slot Spin it grand!! Love the full screen line hit on Neptune! Well for Buffalo👎🤬🤣

  6. Congrats, you're a bright spirit/ energetic lady that is TRULY lucky playing SLOT machines; that I enjoy watching & root for you to WIN BIG; Again CONGRATS; Now, I hate to be the bearer of 'downer' news; But just got back from my casino again today; The last $180 I fed into the machine(s) got me 1 / YES ONE, bonus; And that BONUS was….. Are you ready?; that bonus was a WHOPPING, ( wait for it ) $6.80. Yes not a TYPO; my bonus was 6 DOLLARS & EIGHTY ( .80 ¢ ). I complained to some slot attendants; they tried to "SHMOOZE" me by saying, "THAT'S GAMBLING" Ah no; That's robbery. So the last 3 sessions gambling at my casino; I fed the machines $350, and got a grand total of 2 bonus's; the previous 1 was $8. So after spending $350; my total take in bonus's was $24.80. I can't even buy 1 shoe with that. If that's the result of the RNG, RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR; then I'm the incredible hulk. I'm not going back to that casino. The place is NOT RIGHT; wonder if they're going bankrupt/ out of business; got the machines DIALED down. I WILL NOT go back there unless new management takes over. Tis a shame/ it's a close by casino/ easy to get to; But getting a reputation for having the worst payouts around./ in the greater Midwest/ maybe the nation; apparently they don't want repeat customers

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