BIG WIN on 300 Shields Slot – £12.50 Bet!

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BIG WIN on 300 Shields Slot – £12.50 Bet!

12 thoughts on “BIG WIN on 300 Shields Slot – £12.50 Bet!

  1. when you look you tube there is almost all videos ,. big vin ,,huge vin biggest vin,, record vin.. wht is this,, why normal people like us never vin… is casinos helping streamers or what,,people losts millions of this videos ,,

  2. Nickslots i read your comment on dazza g and wanted to share something about that prick dazza .. He recently (2 weeks ago) started to show deposits and withdrawls on his vids , but this happened just after i sent him an email with proof that he used playmoney on BTG slots just for the sake of uploading vids . he banned me on his channel because i asked him to show dep and cashouts like every single streamer this days .. if you're interested to see what i've got let me know and i'll send you something in you email .. you'll be desgusted (especially that he brought the problem with streamers and affiliation and revs) . By the way … since he started showing deposits and withdrawls his vids dropped considerable and guess what he rarely cashouts … Let me know …take care !

  3. nick only a few month ago your stakes were £2 to £3 now they are silly….whats gone wrong dude?

  4. somehing about this guys reaction that i dont believe, how long will this go on

  5. It's only big as your bets are big where the old Nick gone on 2-4 bets 12.50 bets I miss the old Nick slots sorry

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