Big Win on Monopoly Lunar New Year Slot Machine!

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Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide book, plays the new one-cent Monopoly Lunar New Year Slot Machine! The game was released in February 2022 and it is now making its debut in many casinos throughout the U.S.

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Big Win on Monopoly Lunar New Year Slot Machine!

17 thoughts on “Big Win on Monopoly Lunar New Year Slot Machine!

  1. I’m enjoying the addition of slots to your channel. I recently subscribed to you channel and now you have me trying video poker and enjoying it. Thanks

  2. Lol turned me into a guy didn't see that coming funniest line in the video. I fell out laughing! Super win congrats.

  3. I Love it when it’s a new game!
    Specially when you do hit the money 💴. Congrats on your winnings and bounces too!

  4. I was dealt 4 to the Royal at Main Street Station and ended up with 7 royals but I was playing nickles.
    Saw a woman in Laughlin get dealt the Royal but she was playing penny and only 10 hands

  5. Modern slot machines have a lot going on and can be confusing. Are there any that require the player to make any decisions? (other than how much to bet) Or is it just push the button and see what happens? I tend to like video poker because it's more transparent and have control of the odds.

  6. Eww. Now WMS doesn’t hold the monopoly license anymore? Any slot company that is so lazy it uses “ 10, jack, queen, king, ace” in a slot machine as symbols doesn’t get my play. It’s just lazy.

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