7 thoughts on “**Big Win**On Quick Hits X Rising** slot machine bonus**

  1. Very nice win! I enjoyed playing this version of this game, but was never able to trigger the bonus haha.

  2. I was playing on the Rise game at the Evansville Tropicana I put $2 inside the machine soon as I Hit the Button the Bell was ringing and I won $86 I was so Happy I Never won that much off that Game!

  3. played this game Niagara Falls at casino state side and it rose to 9X and 5 more afterwards on same bonus free game spin ended up at 4X and won 6 dollars ? went and complained to the social club at casino and a tech went out and checked the machine and said I got 11.00 not 6. I cashed out at 11.00 including my credits already in game.?? Got ripped off they would not listen that the machine rolled back to start multiplier X1 after 9 multipliers were achieved.

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