BIG WINS MAX BETTING $1 REEL SLOT MACHINES – Roll a 7, Pinball, Diamond Jackpots

Big Win Video Information:

While we typically play video slots, there are some 3 reel slots that catch our eye from time to time.
We LOVED playing this Roll a 7 slot during our spring Vegas trip, each investing about $20, the dice were hot and we turned a great profit!
We each put in a $20 into the Spitfire Multipliers slot and were also awarded a quick bonus and profit!
Quick first or second spin bonuses on Monopoly reels and Pinball also generated extra $$$!
And the only Reels slot we play consistently is Diamond Jackpots, I think you can see why! 🙂
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BIG WINS MAX BETTING $1 REEL SLOT MACHINES – Roll a 7, Pinball, Diamond Jackpots

12 thoughts on “BIG WINS MAX BETTING $1 REEL SLOT MACHINES – Roll a 7, Pinball, Diamond Jackpots

  1. I hope you two are gambling within your means; I heard the “scalp” comment. I feel you’re a genuinely nice couple and I don’t want to hear any news about the casinos taking all your money away.

    People seem to get snippy when I talk about gambling addiction. I consider myself a gambling addict and if people want to call me that, I’m fine. The last six weeks I’ve put $1200 into slots online and at the locals. Of course, some guy in Phoenix just brushes the notion off when it’s mentioned because it’s probably true.

    Nice to see you try the older reel slots. They still have Pinball at Casino Lac Leamy.

  2. Nice wins there, Diamond Jackpot is a good looking machine for a pay day. Cheers from Scotland

  3. Awesome video guys!!! Mrs. CT, you are too cute! I just love your energy and ethusiam when you win 😊 ( Mr. CT, you're not bad yourself ) will you guys be in Vegas this summer?

  4. Shake those dice 🎲 yes! What a awesome feature! Nice hits too! Burn baby burn yes! Fun CT’s! 😎😎

  5. Nice hits you guys! I gotta give that 'roll a 7' game a shot…. You make it look easy!

  6. I always give a couple 3 reel games a try when I go. It's a nostalgia thing for me, I first started gambling when that's all they really had at the casino. and I won my first handpay 2700 on a triple diamond game at Foxwoods, back when the machines took coins and paid out in coins. I'll be at Mohegan in a couple hours to try my luck and I will for sure be trying a 3 reel or two to see if I can replicate that LOL!!!

  7. Team CT. You guys like going old school occasionally 🤔 now if you could find some machines that spit out coin I probably 😭 that’s awesome watching that clip brings back some good Vegas memories. Good Luck as always Team CT💰💵

  8. HI again, I had my best day ever at Mohegan last night!! I lost for the first 2 hours, fought back to even in the next hour, and then, the last hour there was CRAZY FUN!!! I hit a first spin bonus on Buffalo 60 bucks, then about 10 spins later another bonus!! 13 spins with nothing for the first 12 then a 2x3x3 Elk line hit for a 1900 HANDPAY!!!!. I followed that up a few spins later with another bonus over 450. I decided to leave that machine, cuz well you know Buffalo get hungry sometimes!!. I went over to the Dancing Drums and hit a bonus for just over $1000!!! I hit another for a couple hundred, was gonna leave and said why not put 100 in the Simpsons cuz I want a damn donut bonus, I got it one the 4th spins and more than doubled my money!!! I left up over 3500. I won all my money back from April and bulked up my bankroll for the next few trips!!! I had a hard time getting to sleep last night and I'm tired as **** but it was well worth the drive!!!

  9. Yay diamond jackpots!!!!!! Killing it again you guys, luv ya!!!🤑

  10. Nice wins guys. It's always so much fun to watch you two, win or lose, though mainly win, LOL!

  11. Yes Mrs CT some of the older 3 reeled slots, wild 🍒 triple wild 🍒 and double and triple diamond and OG wheel of fortune 🔮 they were fun🤑 My wife would always take the trays of silver dollars or buckets of quarters and cash out💵💵 and that phrase that machine is hot, literally you could touch it and if it was warm that was the machine that was paying. I’m 58 so yes Mrs CT it took me back the good old days🤗 Good Luck Team CT as always and keep killing it 💰💵🤑

  12. Great video of nice wins! I was so expecting to see the green diamond pop up on Diamond Jackpots! I guess I will just have to swoop in and grab in one day!

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