Big Wins on New Slots: March 2022

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The best slots released in March 2022!

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We have compiled some of the best new slots released in March 2022.

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00:07 Big Bamboo – @LetsGiveItASpin – Casino Streamer
02:14 Atlantic Gold – @Jamjarboy
03:50 1524 Golden Quest – @Brazucassino
06:22 Raging Rex 2 – @Jamjarboy
09:26 Misery Mining – @SpieloTV

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Big Wins on New Slots: March 2022

11 thoughts on “Big Wins on New Slots: March 2022

  1. Imagine winning 4.k and barely raising an eyebrow

    Must be so boring gambling when it's not your money

  2. Is really a gig win when your spinning €7.50 a time…….
    20, 40 or 50 cent is what most normal slots players stake.

  3. They get more excited in the x the stake than the actual cash win! 🤔🤔🤔 and they all say if its just one more wild itl be massive your already banging in huge wins no wonder a lot ppl think its entertaining money!

  4. What you got to think all these streamers play demo there is no way on this earth they win that much in real money

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  6. Its a shame Casino Grounds now play stakes completely unrelatable to the average player. These stakes are often bigger than my actual deposits.

  7. The same entertaining with the pig face and the bad haircut 2 times in a row over 1000x, in one month

  8. To much streamer winning big much Times in a row….normal player play every day hours for hours get NEVER so often this big wins.

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