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We are BACK for another one of our BIGGEST wins of the week, we have some pragmatic and hacksaw games giving us some HUGE hits such as Wanted Dead Or A Wild, Double Rainbow, Book Of The Fallen, The Dog House Megaways, Toshi, Power Of Thor Megaways and even Aztec Twist!

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Jonte & Georgi almost full screen masks on Aztec Twist by Hacksaw
2:50 – Jonte & Georgi hit a HUGE 3 VS’S on Wanted Dead Or A Wild by Hacksaw
3:29 – Freddie hits 4 of the BEST symbol on Book Of The Fallen by Pragmatic on $500 bet!
4:09 – Biggo has a MASSIVE blue dogs connection on The Dog House Megaways by Pragmatic
5:00 – Biggo gets the best symbol all the way with 3 VS’s on Wanted Dead Or A Wild by Hacksaw
5:45 – Freddie gets a crazy multi and Toshi connection on Toshi Video Game Club by Hacksaw
6:59 – Georgi & Jonte get a INSANE big win on Hacksaws relatively new game Double Rainbow

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  1. Actually printing big W . I seen the mask one live , literally laughing as it was happening.

  2. I always love the sounds that biggo do when he win big. It is so awesome the way all classybeef streamers keep us entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  3. Your content makes me happier than a bee on a honey biscuit. Keep up the good work lads

  4. Nice work you doing guys for the community…you have the best streaming you Beef Gang
    Beef Gang For Life 💪☝️💪

  5. Classybeef is by far the best stream on twitch, and also helping so many people , spreading love and possitivity with amazing content! Much love legends <3

  6. Those are some sick wins 😍. Never seen so many masks, Georgi should be very proud of the game 😂

  7. Please continue to be great guys .. you guys dont know what you have done for some of us. Classy beef has gotten me thru some of my darkest days .. thru my moms cancer thru covid and im forever grateful for that! The mods & vips are also the best also ready to lend a helping hand wherever needed ! Stay humble stay classy 🥩

  8. Georgi is the funniest man ever 😂
    Some huge wins beefgang! Keep it up!

  9. Best people to watch in your spare time !!! Never in doubt I enjoy every single minute spent watching you guys ❤️❤️❤️keep it up boys and by the way Georgi full mask isn’t gonna happen to you I bet it will be Biggo again 😂😂😂much love ❤️

  10. I've been a follower for almost 2 years now and love every damn stream from you! you enrich many, many people and give an incredible amount back to the community! forever classy beef!! STAY classy! in love ❤️🎉

  11. One day Georgi will see full schmutz mask and get biggest orgsm in his 35 years of experience 😆

  12. You wanna be some kinda sort of special to believe this bs, I really pity you guys that believe this absolute rubbish no wonder the world is ****ed

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