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We are back with our BIGGEST WINS of the week, week number 13, this week we played ALOT of the new game Gladiator Legends by hacksaw which paid really crazy! Born Wild was in there a lot too so Hacksaw seemed to take most of our wins but there is an appearance from Madame Destiny Megaways by pragmatic in there too!

0:29 – Freddie gets a JUICY hit on Stack Em by hacksaw which pays HUGE
2:22 – Freddie again gets insane connections on Born Wild by Hacksaw!
3:13 – Biggo comes in with an INSANE win on Madame Destiny Megaways by Pragmatic
4:10 – Jonte, Georgi & Biggo hit an insane bonus on Gladiator Legends the newest game by Hacksaw!
4:52 – Biggo also gets a HUGE win on born wild with some massive wild lines
5:52 – Georgi & Jonte nervously hit an incredible win on Gladiator Legends AGAIN!
6:40 – Biggo with yet another big win also on Gladiator Legends! this game is crazy..
7:56 – Georgi & Jonte take the #1 win of the week AGAIN on Gladiator Legends!

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  1. Wow this Gladiator slot gave big winss , More Highlights are coming on this great slot and more funny and epic reaction coming from the beefgang specially for GEORGI . Stay Humble stay Classy Legends

  2. Bro this game gladiator is next level . Georgi and jonte ('Just dont give us anything , just die ) that is insane <3

  3. just like always insane moments only and only in classybeef the best streamers ever <3

  4. Brooo I was a witness! If that 2500X did not got ripped it couldve been more than just 2 mil xD Gladiator Legends Arena Bonus is a frickin torture lmao. Top it off with Georgi's reaction hahaha

  5. Loving the energy u guys have, always so fun to come home from work and watch you guys, keep it up! Stay humble stay classy <3

  6. Hearts gave Biggo almost a heart attack😆 Arena bonus is fun to watch if there is big multis, usually you say don't stop, but Arena bonus you beg please stop😅

  7. Incredible Wins for the best Family on this Planet!!! Much love and a big thanks from Germany for all ur Love,Giveaways and Energy !!! Ur still amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Always a mint video! The best entertainment! Thank you for helping people through bad times

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