40 thoughts on “Buffalo Link SLOT✨Free Feature WON! Lots of Bonuses🎰 & BIG Win Mermaid Pearl $10Bet! 💰

  1. Hey Natalie… played that Buffalo machine twice… one very good and one bad.. but it is a fun game… and There you go again on Lightning Link. Are you sure we can't play them at tournament?. See you soon

  2. Nice hits Natalie.. The Link game there is a little different then it is here since usually there is dollar amounts in the bonus .. Best of luck always 🤑👍

  3. Hi Slot Hopper, Hope your having a good Holiday. Nice win at the end. Thought Buffalo would be a little better to you. 🙂

  4. Hi Natalie and David, happy Labor Day to all!😁 A great win on Magic Pearl; one of my favorites!🤗 More luck darlin!🥰

  5. I really like the mermaid game…well even if it's just the pearls….Well Natalie I will see ya again soon.

  6. I really like the mermaid game…well even if it's just the pearls….Well Natalie I will see ya again soon.

  7. I keep hoping this spin is the spin….. I've said before, I pull harder for you to hit than I do when I get to play… 🐰🐰🐰 Keep hopping, love all your videos you share!

  8. To begin a happy Labor Day to you and your family!!!Buffalos don’t seem to like me but then I haven’t been to a casino in over a month , damn car grrr. I love your attitude love to watch you play just wish you would hit a phenomenal hand pay just keep on doing what you’re doing you make a lot of ppl smile

  9. Darn Buffalo. Always messing with our minds.😆 what an awesome hit on MP! Great video. Thank you!

  10. Hi Natalie I didn't know about the buffalo,wow way to go on the last game congratulations hope you had a great Labor day.

  11. Nice work on the mermaid. Too bad about the Buffalo, they took my money this weekend too.
    Have you ever played Heidi’s Bier Haus? I can’t get that song they play during the free spins out of my head 😙

  12. I like your video, but don't like it when you just happen up on a bonus. Show us how you got there.

  13. Still haven't played this but I always check each denomination on the amount of buffalos on the screen that has the highest

  14. Cha-ching🤑 try the pink panther machine. I don't see anyone playing it. I got a 2k win on a 50c bet😅

  15. Oh I love these Buffalo games! Especially when I'm hankering to be one away from things! So fun-sterating! 😁

  16. Hey Slot Hopper , that Buffalo
    Link is blowing up and so fun to play. Nice hold and spin too!! 👍🏻Best of luck, Mark@55VegasWinner

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