Can You Tell When A Slot Machine Is Going To Pay?

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Do you think the firecrackers need to be full?


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Can You Tell When A Slot Machine Is Going To Pay?

35 thoughts on “Can You Tell When A Slot Machine Is Going To Pay?

  1. Matt how do you not have more subs??? We need to get those subs up brother

  2. For those who want to save time … go to @11:15 to get the end result of the "best machine" mystery.

  3. That game is not a money maker…I only play when the firecrackers are lit up…🤔🤔🤔$22.00 a spin on that slot machine is MADNESS..🤭🤭

  4. That machine will suck you in to believing it will hit any moment,bleeding you dry

  5. Not true. Sometimes they can be all the way to the bottom and shoot right back to the top. Usually of you see two lit up, you will win

  6. I play this game. What you should have done was bet the minimum and when you have one more light to go bet medium to high.

  7. “ in the name of science I’m going to bang this one out.” 7:52 things we said in high school.

  8. Pro tip🎉 I play this game all the time when you are going to get the firecrackers lit up…look where it says WIN …..if there's absolutely nothing above that word ( like fifty lines or game over or game wins 248 or whatever ) you're not getting the bonus….there has to be absolutely nothing above the win for you to win …so you know you're going to get it before you get it😂 and also when the bird flies across in the purple bonus , wherever the bird flies you want the bonus to start from the first line where the head starts because if it goes to the end of all the lines the game is over if it starts at the beginning of where the head is it has a chance to go to each five of the lines😂 Questions ??😂 Also always do a couple backup spins I have gotten all three symbol games back-to-back three times at least ! I love you videos keep up the great work 🎉🎉🎉

  9. Game bonuses in general are random in short term, in long run you could average out the spins between each, though lawd knows in the short term they can make you chase for ages will other times you'll get more than one quickly. Though the thing with firecrackers, is the firecrackers don't change when bet changes, it's not like you can lite up the firecrackers on $1 spins and then charge it to a $22 bet and have that mean you're automatically close. Likewise, if someone does change bet and eventually hit a higher bet, and the firecrackers are no longer lit on the screen, those $1 spins might still might be due to pay out anyway. Sometimes they just go off without being close to the top.

    Lawd almighty knows them firecrackers get lit all the way to make people chase, get them lit up quick and then skew there sense of how fast the rockets will light them when it gets closer, sometimes it migh be close, sometimes they'll milk ya for whatcha got. Though since they don't change with the bet, I though it's clear roughly they can't really mean much.

  10. Hey did something happen to the game at 3:07 ? The credit meter jumped from $94.00 to .50 cents. At $22/bet it should have went from $94 to $72.

  11. Great wins! Wouldn't it have been better to bet dimes though to get bigger progressives?

  12. The other night I put 20 in this machine and got 200 out all mine was lit up my dad played the one two down from me we legit hit the same progressive (me being first) and he would get the same one seconds after I did I think I walked away too soon my machine paid more but ended up eating everything I had on other machines and you also left the second one too early!

  13. There’s no “bird bird bird” unless one of your “stop signs” don’t show up. So none of the screens actually mean anything at all, just like picking your favorite numbers on a KENO machine…doesn’t matter….the RNG knows the payout the very second you touch it. All those fireworks and magic numbers and shiny coins are for all us suckers to have a sensory experience 🙂 The science is in the numbers, found on all the machine manufacturer websites….high volatility….they always win….the player always looses….cuz even if they win, they stay and play – or come back a day later and give it all back.

  14. It depends on the machine, and the game. Some games have a progressive jackpot that build up as people play it. And when they are up to their limit they are ready to pay one, or all of them. One example is the game called Tawa, I play it at a local bar, and the Princess jackpot on a 40 cent bet is up to $145, and it has been at $145 for at least a month. That means it could hit at any time, because it is at the limit and not adding to the payout any more.

    Another game is called quick pay jackpots, it has a yellow and a blue jackpot, when they are both over 10, one of both of them are usually ready to hit, usually just one of them. I was playing it the other day and the yellow bonus was on 17 and the blue was on 7, I got the 3 bonus boxes and hit the 17 spins, and it paid $150 on a 50 cent bet.

    Most of the other games do not give you any clue when they are going to hit a bonus, a few others do, but not many. You just have to play the games to figure out if there is a way to tell when they are ready to hit or not. But in general, most games do not show you any clues as to when they are ready to hit a bonus or a jackpot.

  15. Just found this excellent entertainment. Brings this sport to where it should be FUN!!!

  16. One thing for sure is your taste in music sucks. You must not be as old as you look.

  17. That game is fun when they hit! But I've spent thousands when the firecrackers were at the top trying to get free spins…..smh

  18. All it did was show you that which machine you select is truly random and the house always wins!

  19. All I know is I had ten dollars in the one that was empty and on my first spin I got the double up feature playing $1.76, and ended the feature with $11,300.00🥰

  20. One is lit up on the other nothing it lit up 😂 they sure both look lit up to me but i know what ur saying

  21. Why did the second machine u hopped on ur credit went from $800 to $100 something in one push ???? Did u just get scammed at 8:17

  22. One thing ive always notice about these videos is most ppl lose money .. which proves that the casinos are a scam

  23. I can't play a machine where the reels make no sense and I only know I won or lost cause the machine tells me.

  24. Subscribed. It's nice to get any sort of tips how to 'pay back' the one-armed bandits.

  25. You’re really not going to prove anything. The machines visuals are just that. Even if one hits ant the other doesn’t that dies not prove how it happens every time.

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