Community Biggest Wins #46: NOLIMIT CITY EDITION / 2022

Big Wins Video Information:

“Community Biggest Wins – #46: NOLIMIT CITY / 2022” is a Nolimit Cty compilation of the biggest slot wins submitted on the CasinoGrounds forum:

Featured community members and slot games:
00:00 – Intro
00:05 – Emil95 – El Paso Gunfight
01:53 – Fredx112 – Mental
03:14 – Toprak – Tombstone
04:43 – Velferden – Deadwood
06:23 – Jayelldo – Tombstone RIP
07:56 – Schotenyak – San Quentin xWays
11:28 – Livbee1 – Punk Toilet
12:38 – Conjurock – Fire in the Hole
15:25 – Max14x – Misery Mining

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Community Biggest Wins #46: NOLIMIT CITY EDITION / 2022

23 thoughts on “Community Biggest Wins #46: NOLIMIT CITY EDITION / 2022

  1. heyo, well, I always wondered what the big win thing is. WELL now I know. Le Grand Jaune is actually after you get the highest tier of big win.
    so, here's my take on the story.
    The Miner, lets call him…Gregory, he was in misery, mining away down in the depths, when he found something. When he did, he tried to search closer, but fell into the pool of mysterious liquid.
    the Max win tells us that this mysterious Liquid, is actually booze, and that this is the federal booze reserve. Somehow he finds a dolphin, and follows it. then the line: maybe down there is better. appears and gives us the max win.
    if you haven't already known yet, I like to disect lore from…well…slots.

  2. The win on San Quentin looked exactly like mine, even the balance. Did someone send my win to Casino Grounds haha?

  3. Tombstone Rip bonus buys it for €300 wins €1000 why is it up here ffs??

  4. So just so you know for that mental win, basically it’s 60x30x30 for the ways (since the first 2 30s are on the same reel they add not multiply) multiplied by 4 which leaves you with 216,000 ways of that symbol, not sure what 3 ways of him pay but that’s how it works practically

  5. Bonus buy edition bar 2 games, one of which you can't buy the bonus. Are these wins just taken from this year? (I know it says 2022, just checking)

  6. The X win amount is wrong for most of these videos. Most seem to be bonus buys so you need to divide the win amount by the purchase price, not the base bet amount.

  7. I noticed at 12:00 when the rock band is playing on Punk Toilet that the drumkit is still using the London Underground logo! Pretty sure that TFL(Transport for London) got triggered by Nolimit using that logo and Nolimit had to change the logo to a Union Jack instead

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