Crazy Money Slot – $30 MAX BET – BIG WIN BONUS!

Big Win Video Information:

The Crazy Money slot machine from Incredible Technologies has the Money Catch Bonus!

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And this Crazy Money slot video will show at nice high-denomination max bets! The slot now even has multiple sequels: Crazy Money Deluxe and Crazy Money 2!

What makes Crazy Money unique is that it introduces both horizontal and diagonal symbols in its game-play, requiring the player to get the appropriate type required for a particular payline, which there are 15, and here’s where it gets confusing! (Ironically, the developer, Incredible Technologies, says this “AnglePay” feature is easy to follow, hah!) Lines are paid left to right with at least two matching symbols, unless you’re on a diagonal which has three symbols then you need all three. But it’s not always consistent so I need to try and figure out the exact pay rules- does anyone know?

There are even “twisted” symbols allowing for a 5-reel diagonal hit! Symbols are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500. Besides these symbols, there are “Instant Win” bonus symbols which reveal a credit award. To trigger the “Money Catch Bonus” you need at least 5 scattered coins: the higher the value of your coins, the greater the opportunity for a higher values in the bonus. During the bonus, you get to pick 25 floating bills as if you were in a money machine: it’s actually quite a fun bonus and unlike the real thing, there isn’t a time limit from what I can tell although you tend to naturally pick as fast as you can I think. This Crazy Money slot video shows some live play at $15 bets and then a bonus at the $30 bet level, Enjoy!

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Crazy Money Slot – $30 MAX BET – BIG WIN BONUS!

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  1. Wish IT could add a little ABBA to the video. It's be great to hear Money, Money, Money while playing these "Crazy Money" games.

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