FINALLY! A HUGE WIN on my nemesis slot! Fu Dai Lian Lian, Peacock Boost

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I have never been able to conquer the money bag game…Until now! And the best part was that it was on freeplay! I got all 3 money bags to turn for a really great win!

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PandaJock Slots
325 N. Maple Dr.
Unit 5141
Beverly Hills , CA

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FINALLY! A HUGE WIN on my nemesis slot! Fu Dai Lian Lian, Peacock Boost

31 thoughts on “FINALLY! A HUGE WIN on my nemesis slot! Fu Dai Lian Lian, Peacock Boost

  1. You have to go to each slot with positive energy if you are negative the slots works with your energy just for future uses I notice you have to talk to the machine it listens lol 😂😂😂

  2. Great run on the bags games! Congrats to you and Everett on the wins! Yeah, I try and avoid those volatile machines that forces me to keep playing.🫣 But then again, what machine doesn’t?!🤣😂

  3. Great win. Love that you concorded your nemesis. Maybe the Bag Game can become your Bestie now like the way he is to us. lol. We love the Bag game. Good luck.

  4. Those were two great bonuses and to get them side by side had to be so much fun. Congratulations on your nice wins.

  5. Hi guys, Bags games are not kind to me either. It was fun to see you win! Thank-you for the fun break in my day.

  6. Awesome wins Panda I love the peacock in the beginning it was very fitting for this video. Happy Friday Panda

  7. Fun video! This is my nemesis too! Glad you were able to do great on it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend 🎉❤

  8. Both of yall KILLED IT!!! I get too caught up playing this game… it is so addictive. … YOU LOVIES HAVE AN INCREDIBLE WEEKEND!!!

  9. You guys had me laughing so hard hahaaa… woo wooo! I say Congratulations to you both! I like the bag game. So hard to get off when you're almost, right there haha

  10. Hi guys yeah it won't be long good luck what's Everett's favorite flower I'll have Peggy paint one I'll ask her anyway cuz I won't see you again till another year or maybe sooner I don't know so I'll give it a birthday now she put sparkles on it it's so pretty well God bless and good night I'm not ready yet but I'll say it now I know I wrote it down someplace Everett's birthday but I forgot I even forgot yours was it January 6th or December 6th no oh I don't want to get a headache let me k n o w❤❤☘☘☘☘☘🌻🌾🥀

  11. You both did great. I once got all 3 and when the bonus finished I spun it and got all 3 again back to back.

  12. Chris it took me a while as well to have a winning session on the Boost version so you're not the only one. I do much better on the original version.

  13. Just got back from casino awhile ago, took Zachary out , got Jammie’s on , put Zachary next to me on the bed, with his favorite blanket, and turned your channel on. I was watching you play the same machine I played tonite ! Did well on it, got all three bags turned at same time 🤗👍🏻
    I won 358 bucks on that bonus!
    And the prosperity bag was so full and then it went, another 200 bucks! Anyway cashed out for $723🤗👍🏻🤩
    First time playing it, they just put them in yesterday.
    I like that version , will play it again ! Then I met friends and had dinner at the seafood buffet.
    Anyway, happy you and Everett did well also!
    I don’t think I’ll go back to the other bag game, really liked this version👍🏻
    Have a great wknd guys, great video!

  14. Congrats on getting all 3 bags. And on your bonuses 👏 Congrats Everett on your bonus 👏. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Saturday. Panda Power 🐼. ❤🥰😘❤

  15. That peacock is gorgeous! 🦚 I don’t have the best luck with this slot either. It’s like the bags want to spin and open but they don’t! I thought my nemesis slot was Buffalo but I actually got the free play but was only playing $1.20. I was getting the gold buffaloes to unlock the levels but nothing lined up for me. Yes they all spinned around!!! I have never seen the rows expand…..this must be a different type. Everette is trying to win his money he says you film 🤣🤣🤣. I am not mad at you Everette ! Lol….That Longevity is a good bonus! You were lucky when you put that ticket back in! Congratulations 🍾🎊🎈 on beating your nemesis! 🤣 Keep spinning guy’s🎰🎰🎰

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