First Spin (big) WIN!! on Lucky O’Reilly Coin Bonanza Slot Machine Leprechaun 20 Spin Challenge🍀

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We love a first spin win on the slots!! And on this day, Lucky O’Reilly was shining his luck down on us again with a FIRST spin win – and a good one at that!!

As part of a 20 Spin Challenge, betting 75¢ per spin, he picked up his golf clubs and tee’d off a BIG win (so good that we actually forgot to finish the slot challenge 😂!)

This Coin Bonanza Lucky O’Reilly slot machine at Planet Hollywood is one of our favorites and this isn’t the first time it’s handed us a nice win right out of the gate! We love a good minimum bet slot win and this one was a really nice bonus on a 75¢ spin! So unexpected, but THANK YOU Mr. Leprechaun for bringing us some rainbow gold!!

Here’s how this went down. We put in $20 for our 20 Spin Challenge and decided on 75¢ bets which is the minimum bet amount on Lucky O’Reilly! We love a good minimum bet big win scenario and Whoa, today we were so LUCKY!! Playing 75¢ Spins on Lucky O’Reilly Leprechaun Slot machine for the 20 Spin Challenge!

$20 in
ONE 75¢ spin
$124.25 out
That’s a 🍀 LUCKY 🍀 slot session and a big win small bet! PLUS we LOVE first spin slot wins… don’t you!!?

Make sure to check out the other time that lucky Leprechaun from Lucky O’Reilly slot machine was super kind to us here:

We had to do a double take that time too!

The Lucky O’Reilly Leprechaun slot machine is part of the Coin Bonanza family of games and we love the slot technology on these! Some really fun and innovative slot features and bonuses and we love the way the game characters are interactive and can shower down riches, jackpots, and award upgrades. Set in the green hills of Ireland, this lucky leprechaun and his adorable little dog celebrate and dance which will sometimes lead to a raining down of coins and other fun surprises!

We love when we can gamble and play slots conservatively and still walk away with wins. In today’s video, we show you how literally anything can happen when you least expect it .. who know that the Lucky O’Reilly Leprechaun slot was going to be so generous with all those coins!? We instantly fell in love with this leprechaun with dog slot machine (his dog is SO cute!!) and he’s quickly become one of our favorites! This Lucky O’Reilly slot leprechaun is my new bestie! He also has some fun dance moves, kicks and you gotta love it when Lucky O’Reilly tees up his golf club OR when his adorable pooch comes running onto the screen, so fun!

With over 60 years combined slot machine play – we’ve won, lost and LEARNED and we are looking forward to sharing our gambling lessons with all of you! We are Caesar’s Rewards Diamond members and we are here to share with you how you don’t have to play big, to win big. And you can definitely have all kinds of fun despite your budget.
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We have quite a few theories that we’ll be sharing over time to share ways to make educated decisions when it comes to deciding which slot machines to play and what type of gambling strategy might work best for you. We’ll also show you how to earn Diamond status which will bring you even more benefits and perks when you visit casinos!

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We’ve got tips, tricks and a few hacks to help you stretch your dollars at the casino and most importantly: have fun! Because no matter how the slot machine play turns out, at least you’ll have the memories 🙂

We are firm believers in the fact that gambling is entertainment and there are so many ways to play in a way that gives you the most bang for your buck and keeps you smiling! We are also firm believers that anything can happen when you spin those wheels … ⚡LIGHTNING CAN STRIKE⚡

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And remember!

Keep smilin’ while you’re spinnin’ because it’s all in
good fun ~ Rich Losers

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First Spin (big) WIN!! on Lucky O’Reilly Coin Bonanza Slot Machine Leprechaun 20 Spin Challenge🍀

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