Four Secrets To Winning on Slot Machines

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Steve and Matt Bourie from the American Casino Guide book give their four best secrets for winning more often on slot machines. Topics covered include: joining the players club; setting a budget; knowing when to bet max coins: and slowing down your rate of play.

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Four Secrets To Winning on Slot Machines

12 thoughts on “Four Secrets To Winning on Slot Machines

  1. I hate when people say that there's skills to gambling. In the end, it's all luck. You're litterly spending money just for a chance to get money back

  2. Went to the casino for the first time in Vegas. Put a $20 in, with a .40c bet. I hit $980. It was awesome.

  3. What about when a person is playing a penny or two then I come behind them and play $2.00 is there a better chance that I’ll hit?

  4. What i’ve always done when winning big is I take a big portion of my winnings into my pocket, and the rest of it I use to gamble with some more, that way i’m leaving with guaranteed profit.

  5. Hi I like to see slots & other machines on video cause watch them day or nights

  6. i will never forget my first time standing in front of a casino with three children waiting for my brother to pick us up. I had no money none so ever, i had to use the bathroom so i left the kids in the waiting room and went towards the bathroom as i entered the casino to go to the end where the bathroom were a woman walked up to me and asked me if I want to play I never did even know how to play nor did I have any money she said I will give you change she did I tried my luck as i was playing this red light started beeping I got scared a man next to me yelled lady keep playing keep pressing the button. i did then all of sudden two ladies came running towards me with two big jugs and asked me to place the coins in the jar and cash out i just stared at them not even understanding what had happened silly me. I had won $80 I went back to the kids and took them to the boardwalk where there games and food I spent a good enjoying the money with them. It was a sheer blessing……..from penniless to an afternoon full of enjoyment oh btw this was 1996 since then never touched a machine again……. I was just so happy and grateful

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