39 thoughts on “Gambling After A Big Win! #slots #lasvegas

  1. My first time going into a casino left me appalled after seeing 40+ year old people sitting at a slot machine. In my head they seem like a suckers game that only the young and naive would fall for

  2. Thank you sir for making these videos it’s nice to see that not always betting big is a good idea

  3. True addict. Can't even leave after a a good win. Makes you wonder, how much is enough to satisfy.

  4. Slot promoter. entertaining af, the casino pays him in secret to promote these slots while we all go and try these machines and ****ing lose. **** you and your 28K wigga

  5. Anything that backs its ass to the wall and challenges the world don't fool with it

  6. PAUSE…
    if you set the bets right you could bet $100 and increase jackpots
    bet at the $10 wager for $100 and the jqckpots would increase.

  7. I guess this guy loves to piss his money away in Vegas, oh I forgot he needs u tube money too.

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