Golden Buffalo Slots On Ignition – Big Win!

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This video is an Example of how to play slots & to be considered educational for the viewers.

Golden Buffalo Slots On Ignition – Big Win!

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Golden Buffalo Slots On Ignition – Big Win!

4 thoughts on “Golden Buffalo Slots On Ignition – Big Win!

  1. Bro no lie, I hit 5400 off this game playing only 0.80 a spin (80 cents literally). I hit the bonus and my luck came when I hit Buffaloes on all lines, plus I had a wild on each line and they all turned to 5x…. I couldn't believe it and boom x6800 my bet. I screenshot the win at end of bonus before back up spin, however just wish I had recorded it because it was epic.!! I'm a believer now and you guys should be too. Good luck…!!

  2. Lol believe your gonna win, someone stupid enough to believe this garbage I feel sorry for ya, you need gambling anonymous!!!

  3. I have hit 350$ on a .80 cent spin but never any luck betting higher on this game. ive literally sank 500 betting 2$ and dont think i wont more than 20 on any spin

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