Golden Egypt Grand Slot – BIG WIN BONUS!

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GREAT SESSION on the Golden Egypt Grand slot machine by IGT!

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Golden Egypt Grand is a follow-up to the popular Golden Egypt slot but it Ups the Ante with respect to its special Wild Feature. You win in Golden Egypt Grand by landing winning paylines although to help, you can transform reels wild by landing coins and filling stacks above the reels with the coins. The stacks are variable in height as follows:
Reel 1: 2
Reel 2: 3
Reel 3: 4
Reel 4: 3
Reel 5: 2

Once you fill a stack, that reel is transformed wild on a number of subsequent spins equal to the coins in the respective stack! Obviously what you want to do is land all but one in each stack and then land as many coins as you can to transform multiple reels wild!

The Free Spins Bonus is triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols where you then get to choose your bonus game according to the following table:
3 symbols: 30 spins with 1 random wild reel, 15 spins with 2 random wild reels, or 5 spins with 3 random wild reels.

4 symbols: 60 spins with 1 random wild reel, 30 spins with 2 random wild reels, or 10 spins with 3 random wild reels.

5 symbols: 90 spins with 1 random wild reel, 45 spins with 2 random wild reels, or 15 spins with 3 random wild reels.

You can retrigger and if you do, you get to make another selection at the conclusion of your current bonus to keep things rolling!

Depending on your choice, your chosen number of wild reels will appear randomly on any of the reels.

Triggering the bonus seems rather challenging even though any bonus symbols that land behind any current wild reel will still count. I had a really great run with this one, and was even able to trigger the bonus in an awesome way, Enjoy!

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Golden Egypt Grand Slot – BIG WIN BONUS!

12 thoughts on “Golden Egypt Grand Slot – BIG WIN BONUS!

  1. advantage play machines are always abandoned at the casinos where people get REALLY drunk…which where I live is pretty much everywhere.

  2. Good session on a cool game, “I love it” lol. Thanks for posting, really enjoy your videos!

  3. What a great run and bonus and awesome session overall. Just like Aladdin this one has good potential with wilds filling the reels and it worked out great for you for a great profit and tons and tons of fun! Thanks so much for sharing Tim! By the way I just posted my video of the love and war bonus and I mention that you’re the reason why I played it!

  4. Golden Egypt Grand treated you so well this session. Congratulations Tim!

  5. Awesome bonus round and a great win! IGT games are surprisingly sweet! Thanks for sharing!😎👍

  6. Such a great win! The funny part was the Rolling Stones song You Can't Always get What You Want playing in the background what a perfect casino song. Of course not your theme song because your the best!

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