Golden Gecko Slot – BIG WIN LONGPLAY – $7.50 Max Bet!

Big Wins Video Information:

The Golden Gecko Slot machine by IGT has Jackpot potential!

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There’s a lot to discuss with Golden Gecko, so get comfortable!
For starters, it’s a lines-based game where you win by scoring winning paylines primarily although there’s also a Progressive feature which can be triggered at any bet level.

The first thing you’ll notice is that above each reel, there are jewels of either red, purple, green, blue or yellow colors. Whenever a wild symbol lands on a reel, the current jewel transforms that reel depending on its color! A yellow jewel will award you a multiplier between 2x and 5x and and other jewel will offer that color’s Progressive level IF that reel is fully wild! Progressives range from under $10 to over $300, and your odds of winning them increase with higher bets although I also wonder if the Big Wins more involve the Yellow jewels as if you can combine a bunch of multipliers, the sky is the limit, although note if you land multiple multipliers, they are additive in value with respect to your line hits. For example, land a 5x and a 3x multiplier on a payline will multiply that payline by 8x and not 15x

The Free Games bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 for 10 free games- and this is quite an elusive bonus to trigger although I can confirm it’s possible having seen it done! For such a rare event, you would think it would be something special although it seems quite ordinary with standard spins although an alternate reelset is used, presumably giving you an advantage. All in all, a fun game, and maybe I’ll trigger that bonus next time, Enjoy!

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Golden Gecko Slot – BIG WIN LONGPLAY – $7.50 Max Bet!

40 thoughts on “Golden Gecko Slot – BIG WIN LONGPLAY – $7.50 Max Bet!

  1. Nice long run. That was fun to watch as it made you work for the bonus that never came. Good luck continuing the crush the slot machines.

  2. It's like you can't lose on that game. I wish I could find a game like that. LOL. Continued good luck my friend.

  3. Thanks for posting — i love/hate this game! that tease with the red gems all the way across the top was pretty classic. glad they dropped & popped for you! that bonus is super tough to get, but i got one for ya! =) best of luck, and thanks for all the great videos!

  4. Nice session, this game looks like has potential , i will try it on my next trip to casino. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! Amazing Line Pays and lots of Progressive Action! Very Nice Wins and Nice Run! Fun Video!

  6. Very tough game, my husband and I played it at the same casino. No luck yet! We will keep trying!

  7. Dang dude, you were on a mission indeed, very nice session. After watching this my theory that this game really doesn't have a "bonus" is pretty accurate. But holy cow, the other stuff was awesome!

  8. I tried this once but it was cold so only played a few mins and I didn’t get any features. How do you know if the full row of wilds will turn into a multiplier or a progressive? Thanks for sharing!

  9. Played that game about 5 times now and I don't even think I got 2 bonus symbols. It's darn near impossible to get the bonus. The line hits do seem to be decent though without it.

  10. I really like the rumbling wild reels feature! Got to play this game this week but could not get a bonus!! You did great!

  11. Awesome bro. I spent $2000 and didn't get one bonus. This one was on fire👊👊👊

  12. Wow you hit the Progressive Jackpots multiple times. This is a tough game to trigger the bonus. I hope you do get it next time and keep spinning, thanks for posting!! 🤑🤑💰💰💰👍👍

  13. I don't think there ARE 3 golden geckos in that game! You killed it though! Good for you. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I actually love this game but it HATES me lol. Also I've still NEVER had a bonus 🙁 Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great win!
    As always great content, and great wins.
    When will the big reveal come and you will show your face?
    (Let’s hope it’s your discretion rather then someone else’s😉)
    No pressure, happy to watch content no matter what. Better to watch someone win!

  16. What an addictive game! Too bad you never got the feature but the rest was fantastic.

  17. That was awesome! I played this at Venetian last October and had a blast. Thanks for sharing.

  18. What do you think is the limit to get the red progressive?? I thinl its 310. Isnt it?

    The blue goes from 7 to 16 approximately
    The green one goes from 25 to 35
    The purple one goes till 100 but i ve seen at 128

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