HIGH LIMIT!!! Dragon’s Law Slot – BIG BET | BIG WIN!! – Slot Machine Bonus

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HIGH LIMIT!! – Dragon’s Law Slot – BIG BET | BIG WIN! – Slot Machine Bonus

What can I say about Dragon’s Law Slot? I can say a lot…however, I will let my videos for the next few months speak. I had an amazing night back in December on this slot in the HIGH-LIMIT slot room. I have several (dollar amount) BIG WINS off of this one machine. In addition to 3 Slot Jackpot Handpays as well. The RNG numbers were in my favor on this night. I hope you enjoy the slot machine bonus features and the slot line hits. I will let you know when I release the Handpay videos. Please be patient…I have learned that an audience always appreciates slot wins in moderation….so, that’s what I try to give. I hope you JACKPOT lovers understand – LOL! Don’t forget to thumbs up, favorite, like, subscribe, share and tweet. Your support is always appreciated. Thank You and ENJOY 🙂


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HIGH LIMIT!!! Dragon’s Law Slot – BIG BET | BIG WIN!! – Slot Machine Bonus

12 thoughts on “HIGH LIMIT!!! Dragon’s Law Slot – BIG BET | BIG WIN!! – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. WOW MIKE,, WTG!!! Had a very eventful stay? LOL.. GOOD for you…I kind of try to do what you do as well, start out easy, win some and then chance on whatever demo, I feel you are on their money then, BUT I NEVER NEVER play my last dime…. I allow so much per day per stay and when it exceeds that well, good nite! Theres always tomorrow~ We all have our own style, and I like yours! Stay well, and keep B happy for me!

  2. Some big betting going on there, wow! Nice wins…look forward to the HPs, congrats

  3. It's good to get those hot machines and bang them good! LOL! I like your statement about "Thinking while at the casino". I think in the process a lot of us forget that we can be strategic at times, especially when winning! Congrats and looking forward to the next!

  4. Congrats on your big wins! I do the same thing. I call it free money if I'm up completely on their money. I use it to try and gain
    haven't been able to do that in a long while.

  5. WOW! Nice bold betting! 4 handpays for the night and 10K in the pocket?! I'd probably splurge a bit too 🙂 Big congrats on the Dragon win Mike!

  6. Awesome stuff! I am exactly like you, start on $2-$4 bets hit big and than take a chance!
    Glad it worked out for you!

  7. Can't wait for the HP videos…..exciting to watch those big bet bonuses, for sure! Congrats!

  8. Wow that's an amazing win! Very brave betting so big. I wouldn't have the balls!

  9. Nice wins. I play this machine also but at the penny level have had some decent wins nothing like you got on the quarter demon.

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