40 thoughts on “High Rolling On The Roulette Table At Resort World #shorts

  1. In long-term casino always always win ,,, probability to be rich by casino roulette blackjack or other game is 0.0000000000000001 percent

  2. Heck man your just better off odds wise just putting it on black instead of anything else bc of it being practically 50/50 odds. Heck even the owners of the Casino's have said thats what most people do overall in all of the table games with Roulette across the United States. They said 70 people to one do it instead of risk high dollar amounts on a ball hitting on a number. A casino owner in a video once rolled about a dozen games to see what color the ball would landed on and out of the dozen rolls the ball landed on black 9 times and only 3 times on Red. They watch those games carefully and said black was the overall thing that came up in odds to win overall more than any number did.

  3. Some one tell me how much that dude just lost. And how much was each green chip

  4. Nice. very impressive. he won 37000 and lost 41000. nice job. real gangster

  5. With so many chips on the board, even if you win, you lose.
    Your best bets on this game are the blocks of numbers that pay 3 – 1 but not every casino has them.
    The blocks of numbers are low – middle – high. Low block 1 – 12, middle 13 – 24 high 25 – 36. You put $30 on two blocks, you win $90, profit of $30.
    you have the best odds of winning playing blocks than any other way in roulette. It's a hard game to win at unless you play lots of numbers, and even than, it's hard as hell to win.

  6. Show us your powerful roulette strategy! We want to stack chips like you!

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