How to WIN BIG and Hit a Jackpot on Dragon Link Slot Machines in Las Vegas! 🔥

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Here are some tips and tricks that we use while playing Dragon Link Slot Machines in Las Vegas. Try this betting strategy to hit bonuses and jackpots!

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How to WIN BIG and Hit a Jackpot on Dragon Link Slot Machines in Las Vegas! 🔥

40 thoughts on “How to WIN BIG and Hit a Jackpot on Dragon Link Slot Machines in Las Vegas! 🔥

  1. I was watching an older video where Gamblin Granny showed y’all that she changes bids frequently. Way to go.

  2. The BEST advice Ruby and Mr Ruby gave is to look for machines that look like they are ready to blow!!!😂😂

  3. Do NOT consider this a “win” as their overall losses far far exceed their winnings. I mean billion dollar casinos are not built, run and maintained on guests winnings. CMON people wake up and smell the deficit all wrapped up in red tape. SHEESH!!! 😢😢😢

  4. What is the deal with Ruby’s 1950’s chamber maid head wrap? Perhaps she cleans the casinos toilets to pay off her losses at the slots. Lol. She cracks me up!😂

  5. Hey my name is Shelia. I watch your videos all the time. We are staying at the Strat. If you happen to be around come by the Strat. Maybe we can meet you,

  6. Nothing worse than listening to the button slappers. People wonder why buttons don’t work sometimes, somebody has been pounding on them.

  7. Love this betting strategy and has worked VERY well for me over the last few years! Not all slots respond this way but then again there is a reason Dragon Link and Lightning Links are so popular and PAY OUT! Continued good luck to you. LETS GO!

  8. Hello Ruby. Always fun. Thanks for showing Fremont so much. I’m not a big fan of the strip. Too pricey and lots of walking. Awesome exciting slot session. 😻🌸👍⭐

  9. I discovered it’s possible to win a Super Grand Progressive on $2.50 bet, 5 cent denom. Those YouTubers doing $25 and $50 a spin show how to go broke fast. When you win at the Super Grand level men in suits come to the machine open it and communicate with the slot manufacturer to verify a legitimate win. Total of the flaming orbs in addition to the jackpot win….$32.50.

  10. Great job maintaining your composer when in that active button slapper situation! Glad changing the bet up and all around worked for you. I've found such can be a hit or miss depending up timing and all that jazz. Nice profit indeed.

  11. That’s 18 minutes of my life I can never get back. Bonus’s were garage except for one. Doll hairs omg sounds so elementary. I’ll be sure to use the strategy the next time I play 😂

  12. instead of changing your denomiations play max lines and play the bets up and down like a piano.

  13. Ruby your videos are always fun! And you've taught me to use $2 denom. I've never used it. Congrats on that win!

  14. Guys this is nonsense people goid luck trying what people have been doing for years with these games

  15. I can't freaking stand when ppl slap the buttons or screen so obnoxiously like that person next to you…… Jesus 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ anyways nice hit !!!!!

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