HUGE BIG WIN on Lil Devil Slot!

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Mega win on lil devil during a quad lil devil heartstopper hunt. Really thought this was the final jackpot after all the chasing, but still not yet!
Anyways, cant complain with an insane win on be my angel feature on lil devil.

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HUGE BIG WIN on Lil Devil Slot!

12 thoughts on “HUGE BIG WIN on Lil Devil Slot!

  1. Trust the bloody woman to come along and start trying to get you to see the positive side when you missed the three chance retrigger which could have turned an amazing bonus into one that could have brought you a house 😂

  2. You jinxed it by calling for a 9 anywhere 😀 It came in the first reel…
    Next time mate – still a hell of a sweet win!

  3. I signed up for the Sad German channel….what is this stuff?? This is not the Sad German Channel!! …I need a manager…..

  4. 3 chances for 1 symbol to retrigger anywhere didn't come in as it would of paid insane for that setup with 3more spins would for sure be double what you won HOWEVER it's still a sickkkkkkkkkkkk hit 😀

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