10 thoughts on “Huge Win Accumalated on Pompeii Original Slot Machine

  1. Hi Fred! You know I love Pompeii…it’s been rough the past few times though… I will do what you say next time and only play when I truly feel it! It seems to work for you! Great job Fred! 🐼🐾👏🏻

  2. This machine pays good but it gives very little winnings only. If you’re lucky or hot you will win only but my first time I played this slot I won about 500 something but lost 160 back to it machine just wasn’t hot afterwards. Now when I play it to it’s so hard to get the bonus or decent win.

  3. Nice win! I played this game for the first time today. Hit a Jackpot of $2,333 on a $4 bet. It was great!

  4. Some of the older Pompeii machines, when you get the 3x and 5x volcanoes with 5 of a kind the screen will shake.   We call those wins screen shakers.

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