12 thoughts on “Huge win! Better than jackpot hand pay! Lightning Link Slot Machine Hold and Spin! Sahara Gold

  1. I don't understand. Why are people making issue about getting a hand pay?
    So what if we went over 1200? Any of us who are hitting those numbers have taken much more losses on paper.
    I had 22 hand pays last year and I didn't owe a dime because of my losses.
    Brian Christopher, for example , takes a whopping 35****IN% if his HL group pulls get a hand pay! Anyone with a brain knows that BC won't be paying any taxes on his hits unless he CONSISTENTLY hits enormous…
    ugh! Such ****!
    ****… I guess I'm just ranting now.

    PS any of you whom know me know that I support every one of your channels! have and always will let the ads run and never dislike a video. You always gets my thumbs up unless you're A conniving selfish lying ****.
    👍 great hit Z

  2. That was awesome, I live about 10 min from a Hollywood in Ohio do they ever give you a hard time about recording?

  3. Where have you been Chris? Miss seeing all your post! Hope everything is ok!

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