12 thoughts on “Huge Win!! Dancing Drums Explosion!! SG Game

  1. DDE is on Fire lately! Such a hard game to bonus on and get huge wins. You did great AA and 10 free games is usually my choice too! Love that $864 line hit, WOW! Congrats and Thanks for sharing this amazing video my friend

  2. Great session on DD Explosion. Congrats on the awesome line hit to end the video 😍😍

  3. That line hit is insane!! You really did well on the $2.88 bet! Congratulations!!!!

  4. These are one of my favor slots
    Thx for these great videos I like the way you describe the losses and wins.

  5. Dancing Drums Explosion is harder … but it gives those pokes that keep you coming back! Take care my friend!

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