HUGE WIN on Deadwood Slot – Β£14 Bet!

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HUGE WIN on Deadwood Slot – Β£14 Bet!

12 thoughts on “HUGE WIN on Deadwood Slot – Β£14 Bet!

  1. My favorite bit was the person saying you should have chosen hunter as it dropped in. Nice win lad.

  2. Could have used all your winnings on trying to get a feature on beetlejuice tonight. Absolutely disgusted with that slot and on the banned list. Great win nick

  3. Still still baffles me how you can get dislikes on your videos nick !

    Sad little bastards they are 🀬

    Congrats on the hit lad ! Love to see it 😁

  4. I remember the good old days of 60p spins, never thought I'd see such unrealistic stakes

  5. To anyone watching who is young, please don't let these videos trick you into thinking you're going to win 1000's of pounds quite so easily. I fell for it and it ruined my life and destroyed all the money I'd worked hard for for years. When you join a gambling website please put on a monthly deposit limit, avoid the temptation to change it by making it really low, and use gambling for fun with a bit of money. These people mystify me that they can just slap a grand on a gambling website without a blink of an eye anyway, I mean most people in the real world can't do that so this in itself is overly glamourising something which is dangerous to young people. It does indeed boil down to individual choice I just wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression when these streamers don't say these things they just make it looks like a win is always possible when it really is NOT! Take care out there

  6. Nothing new dont think ive ever seen a streamer not hit big wins.. And never seen a normal person hit a big win

  7. The guys as bad as chipmunk glamourise big wins.
    Absolute bellend in my opinion

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