*HUGE WIN!* – The Hangover Pretty Awesome Slot Machine – Drunk Bonuses & Big Wins!!

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Since we leave for Vegas soon, we wanted to share some fun from our last Vegas trip. We LOVED playing The Hangover games together. As you can probably tell, we were definitely on our way to feeling “the hangover” the next morning, LOL!
The first bonus was at Aria after many lemon drop martinis, we were feeling great!!
When we moved hotels, we found the “Pretty Awesome” version at Venetian and played side by side. These machines were HOT and the drink service was speedy!!
Mr. CT Slotters landed a HUGE line hit at the end – A full screen of wilds!!! We pulled $1000 out of these two machines, hoping for a repeat if they still have them there!
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*HUGE WIN!* – The Hangover Pretty Awesome Slot Machine – Drunk Bonuses & Big Wins!!

40 thoughts on “*HUGE WIN!* – The Hangover Pretty Awesome Slot Machine – Drunk Bonuses & Big Wins!!

  1. Great film. Hope you have twice the fun and win twice the money on the Vegas trip coming up.

  2. Holy ****! lol!!! That was so great you guys! Love the video and that screen was beautiful!!!!! Congrats

  3. Wow, an IGT slot that actually pays something instead of peanuts! Not a fan of IGT or licensed slots but this one seems to offer a lot of fun bonus games. Very few of the licensed slots from IGT made it here. Bridesmaids, **** In The City, True Blood and Ghostbusters are the ones I recall. Anyway, makes sense to drink while playing The Hangover.

    I want to correct something. You can drink while playing slots here. They started doing it only a few years back. Non-drinkers like myself kind of didn't notice.

  4. Hello CT Slotters. I have found a Channel who is stealing our Videos. Click link below to view your video. She has stolen from me, you and Diana, so far. I am reporting her about my own Vid.

  5. HOLY FULL SCREEN BFF!! Damn! That was beautiful! Especially the first 3 minutes and how to pick or pet a ock! Laughing all the way to the bank! Congrats!!

  6. Holy ****! What a great line hit to top off your bonus wins on this machine! Y'all were on fire! As always you two are so funny! Thanks for posting…..

  7. A little warning on the screen before you scream. I use headphones. OH my ears. lol I just subscribed.

  8. That was one sick line hit!!! Crazy play is fun!! Nice job guys!!

  9. Ball Sac? What is going on here? Oh My!!!My virgin ears…and now a chicken? Blow up doll? Fun Stuff!! Love the Commentary!

  10. Fantastic full screen, love it! I love the Hangover games and this was a lot of fun to watch!

  11. I watch you guys all the time I love ya hope to see you all infer 2017 when I get to vegas

  12. is it supposed to be impressive you're drinking while playing? stopped watching a minute in.

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