HUGE WIN! This Game Has MASSIVE Potential! | Slot Traveler

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HUGE WIN! This Game Has MASSIVE Potential! | Slot Traveler

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I am not one to play AGS Slot Machines, but this Day Charles and I were having some HUGE WINS on their slots! River Dragons has reel expansion and the potential is MASSIVE! This is a standalone version of our LIVE PLAY of River Dragons.

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HUGE WIN! This Game Has MASSIVE Potential! | Slot Traveler

12 thoughts on “HUGE WIN! This Game Has MASSIVE Potential! | Slot Traveler

  1. River Dragons….you guys made me want to be there with you cheering and laughing and drinking Blue Moons with orange slice on my glass! Awesome wins!

  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 your so funny. Congratulations!! Where you max betting and what was the max bet??

  3. AGS did well on this game and so did you!! Very well done guys!! 👍👍👍

  4. A very fun video to watch Manny. You guys did fantastic. That was an incredible win. Sorry I missed the live stream. A big thumbs up and continued good luck my friend.

  5. Hi Manny! Sorry I’m so late to watch. I was away for the weekend at a different casino. Amazing run! I LOVE River Dragons! It’s in my top 3 favorite slots. I have a few giant wins on it. One was almost a handpay. Can’t wait to hang again 🐼🐾😊

  6. This was such a fun live stream..just as much fun watching it again! The excitement was contagious…BAM! BAM! BAM!

  7. What AZ casinos besides Casino AZ do you visit? Ak Chin? Desert Diamond, VQ, Wildhorse, McDowell?? Just curious.

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