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40 thoughts on “I PREDICTED MY BIG WIN!!!!

  1. You’re so brave! So many times I am screaming Nooooooo …take the money and run…but then you show us your genius and make even more. Teach me more swami, teach me more.

  2. Hello my first time commenting but a long time fan. I deliver packages for a living and I have have your videos running all day in my truck. I have a blue tooth speaker that gets pretty loud and I can hear you from the houses when I make a delivery. Just want you to know that you bring a smile to my face every day and make working a whole lot better. Thank you

  3. We met you in Cosmopolitan..Wanted to let you know they have Neptune and Zeus at Mandalay …Love your you tubes!! We watch you every night! Upstate NY

  4. Isn’t this a recycled video? I feel like I have watched this before. Not complaining but I got deja vu

  5. Awesome win n video! Make my day each time ❤️❤️❤️!

  6. In Mom's words…You are a Wizard, my friend!! Simply amazing!!

  7. Hmmmmm, with the vast number of entertaining-outs for a change in machines, is Daniel becoming a pathological guy?! To be determined maybe? Let the good times keep rollin'. WTG

  8. Let me just say you make the day a lot stress free because of how funny your reactions were… Keep it up! New subscriber here. 😊

  9. “Garbage” 😂😂😂
    Im french and it make me laugh you’re unpredictable 😂😂😂

  10. I’m going to VEGAS this Monday after Mothers Day. I’m going to the Cosmopolitan just for you. I hope I run into you. Show me the ropes Daniel!!! You’re so funny. I’m definitely gonna play this game. Wish me luck. My sons 21st birthday 🥳 too!!

  11. On a bank of three machines, one will be the loose slot, to lure others to the two tight ones.
    Truths of the east Baltimore Nostradamas.

  12. That was cool! My husband says to divide your win by 4 to calculate quarters, I struggle with that too! hehe. Congrats to you!

  13. Hi there loves you all blessings and prayers tess here 💖💐 good luck good bonus come on get it we are ok everyone calm down 🤣 hi mom happy mothers day everyone loves you enjoy your day thanks everyone ❤️

  14. Excellent video…easiest way to do quarter math is half the credits twice…so 1800 halved is 900 halved again 450 bucks…love your content

  15. Had a sucky day today, but you made it better. You crack me up, what a joy to watch. Hod bless you.

  16. First time I ever saw your stuff. Can’t help but love your enthusiasm. But you respectfully need “math in your life”. Divide your total quarter amount by 4 and that’s your net worth for that spin. You would be a hoot to hang with for the night. Stay happy ‘in your life’ lol. Rock and roll my friend

  17. On quarters you divide by 4. So 2000 quarters is $500. Or round to 100 or 1000 and add or subtract from there. You can do it!

  18. VLR!! The turtles are your friends!!! A amazing run from 300$!! Too Cold!!🥶🥶🤑🤑

  19. Great day! So, just to add to your geniusnous, your socks are tassels and your oranges are tangerines. On Lunar New Year, tangerines are given out with little red envelopes with money in tgem taped to them for prosperity in the coming year. 😀 Okay, Captain Genius…take that info and run with it! Thanks for another fun video, where I yelled at you to get up when you kept going up….turned out, you ARE a genius! 😁

  20. Shout praise the casino gods 🙏 congratulations Daniel 👏 🙌 🙏 ❤

  21. I’ve got bpd which comes hand and hand with a compulsive disorder and an addictive personality. I live vicariously through this man so I don’t go into debt 😅 great videos man I watch them when I can’t sleep

  22. Love it when you get back over the amount where you were debating getting up. I like to take that juice and splurge on something. A "prepaid freeroll." 😁

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