I Put $100 in a Slot at the Paris Hotel – Here’s What Happened! 🤩 Las Vegas 2020

Big Win Video Information:

This was one of the first slot machines we played in Las Vegas this trip. Of course we were hoping for a big bonus, handpay, or jackpot… but did we get one? Watch and find out!

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I Put $100 in a Slot at the Paris Hotel – Here’s What Happened! 🤩 Las Vegas 2020

12 thoughts on “I Put $100 in a Slot at the Paris Hotel – Here’s What Happened! 🤩 Las Vegas 2020

  1. ****ty job with video moving all over . Poor production . could care less about your winnings.

  2. My mother always said a fool and his money will soon part. I’ve been to the casino if you times it seems like the last time that I went and I’m in Phoenix Arizona I’ve lost before the pandemic and the closure of the casinos and now after the reopening of the casinos here for the past 5-6months I’ve never seen anyone win in there yeah maybe two or three people win thousand 1200 bucks people dropping 6 -$800 even a thousand dollars I thought they were mandated to pay so much I never saw it. Since the housing crash here in Arizona I haven’t seen anyone win and they’re old people giving away their retirement it’s a shame I really should be a crime

  3. Mark, i calculated the amount of money I lost in an online casino. I was very surprised when I saw the results. I play for small amounts everyday, sometimes I win. But according to my results, you will lose very big. And I understood that which was the reason. Selecting a casino. As I consequently found out, there are guyulent casinos, you will find licensed ones. You need to select licensed ones. There is of home elevators the Internet, but when you do not want to search, you can find verified licensed ones where you could play. List for the whole world, the website automatically translates to the country in that you simply are located: https://top.casino-list.site/eu/

  4. That was amazing. Now I'm dying to get back to Vegas. LOL💯💯💞💜💞🙋‍♀️

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