I Put $1,000 In Hidden Slot Machine at Cosmopolitan Vegas & Here’s What Happened!

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Max Bet Bonus Game & I Win This! 🐲

Lady Luck HQ is at The Cosmopolitan Hotel Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Today we are playing on Tiki Fire and Rover Dragon High Limit Slot Machine. We land a few bonus games on these slot machines. This was recorded live the las time we were in Vegas for a Vegas Vacation

More about us…. We like to play slot machines at the casino. We love Vegas but also play at local casinos. We play all games such as Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Huff n’ Puff, Wheel of Fortune, Video Poker, reel games, Lock it Link, Top Dollar and many many more. We play High Limit games so you can always find me in the high limit room aka high roller room at the casino. Remember that these are games & you don’t always win.

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I Put $1,000 In Hidden Slot Machine at Cosmopolitan Vegas & Here’s What Happened!

34 thoughts on “I Put $1,000 In Hidden Slot Machine at Cosmopolitan Vegas & Here’s What Happened!

  1. Hey francine
    Love river dragons my favorite game won 2500
    Handpay on a 5.28 bet had 100 free spin in the
    Bonus round won it two weeks ago at my local love river dragons

  2. I love tiki fire! I have dreams all the multipliers line up 😂 on max bet

  3. Like both of those games. But both are tough. Congrats on your bonuses. Thanks for sharing. Hope u have a wonderful Thursday nite. ❤☘☘❤

  4. I love river dragons. It’s one that I try to play whenever I go to the casino. It’s definitely an interesting game for sure. Stay awesome. ❤️

  5. Lady luck wowww good luck 👍 👏 my friends yeahhh suerte amor 💖 ❤ 💕 y Fortuna 💖 💙 ❤ 💕 💗 💓 💖 💙

  6. I really enjoy your channel and I think you and your hubby are hilarious 🤣. Thanks for making your channel and giving us great entertainment! Thanks so much! 💕

  7. "Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." –John R. Wooden

  8. Lady Lucks HQ her high school yearbooks favorite saying “That’ll be something”!! 😉

  9. hopefully someday i will get to meet you two. my local is the golden nugget casino, in laughlin, nv. there is an airport right across the river in bullhead city, az. no more than a mile from laughlin.

  10. and there ends todays lesson on dragons and sea monsters…lmao…thanks for the upload and have a great Friday guys xx

  11. Totally agree that sound is a big part of the gaming experience! I can't stand it when I get a quiet machine!

  12. I like the humor between you two when you're playing. That's what keeps me coming back.

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