INSANE 1,310x win playing Tarzan slot machine!

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There are so many cool casinos in Las Vegas! Where do you want to see me play next?


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INSANE 1,310x win playing Tarzan slot machine!

40 thoughts on “INSANE 1,310x win playing Tarzan slot machine!

  1. Not a fan of the rapid play as its hard to see what you on, secondly what is the purpose of having the sound turned right the up ?

  2. Definitely not a fan of the fast spin.. kinda defeats the purpose of watching

  3. Great video. Awesome hit. Tarzan is a fun game indeed. Stay spinnin' 🎰

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s AMAZING scince my win I haven’t hit like that again so sad 😞

  5. I dont even understand this game and slots in general can someone explain

  6. Lol vegas Matt you are by far the most entertaining slot player and ny fav on you tube. You are like A grownup big kid. And the fast spin i love it.

  7. Tarzan you made him pay you he like you more then Jane? He drink da bud lite and go target? You need invest that money into AI.

  8. Awesome win. I watched your $1000 challenge with Gretta and Pompsie so watched this great video. I loved both videos so much I subscribed! I do love Gretta's videos! My prediction is Vegas Matt is taking off upwards! Thanks.

  9. Tarzan Grand is my favorite too. The only one that ever gave me a handpay. Not on your level, but I still love it.

  10. I stood at the plaza couple months ago
    Staff was so damm Rude
    They gave the most disgusting room it was so filthy I took pictures
    Casino itself was good
    I love ❤ Tarzan

  11. Matt love your vids!! Where can I read about how you got into this? Keep up the fun vids!

  12. No way!! Playing the same slot machine I was like 2 weeks ago in the first part of the video won like $500 from it

  13. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite slot players to watch . Someday I will make it back to Vegas.

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