It was the wristband! Huge win on Dollar Storm⚡️

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Just got my new wristbands in and they sure did bring me luck! Get one when joining the Panda Pals!

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Here’s the link to the winners bank be sure to use promo code Pandajock for 10% off 🐼🐾🍀

PandaJock Slots
325 N. Maple Dr.
Unit 5141
Beverly Hills , CA

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It was the wristband! Huge win on Dollar Storm⚡️

24 thoughts on “It was the wristband! Huge win on Dollar Storm⚡️

  1. Yes glad u filmed it. Congrats 👏. Love the wristband ❤🐼. That was a good bonus on Huff n Puff. Congrats on your other bonuses to. If that was the same day u did good 👍. Thanks for sharing. Hope u and Everett have a wonderful Friday. Can't believe its been 8 years since Rick's been gone 😥 years are going to fast. Love u guys

  2. Always enjoy. Hit my buffaloes again for 300.00 on 75 cent bet. Play them for me Panda.

  3. I'm glad you got this film the whole segment it was as long as the others and the Loteria that's the one I told you I like I told you long time ago and you said you would do it for me but I guess you didn't see any until now they're a lot of fun and you win to they have a met yam Ava I didn't spell right you know what I mean in the old part see if I could do it yeah Marva still didn't I slept off and on all day I don't know if I told you but 10 naps today only a little tense 10-minute nap in the afternoon like a normal thing I don't know what was wrong yesterday😍😍😍❤🎃🎃🎃

  4. Excellent wins Panda!!! What a lucky Thursday…it must have been your cool wristband!! Another great video! So glad you took the chance to film. 👏Thanks.

  5. I fail to understand why Palm Springs area (760) casinos are so anti recording??? My brother NOT a slot channel loves Fantasy Springs but they are quite possibly the most aggressive anti slot channel and he keeps trying to take me. 🤣 They're obviously looser than Yaamava' and the casinos near the big cities, so why not try to capitalize on that?

  6. Omg absolutely fabulous 108x Bonus on 5c Denom $6.25 Bet, awesome sessions, huge congrats 🐼 have a Beautiful winning week my friend🍹😺🍹
    Like 208, 🍀🍀 & 💖💖 🐼 to both you & Everett, take care boys🍀💖🍀

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