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GREAT BONUS on the 2Can slot machine by Aristocrat!

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2Can is a great retro classic and in many ways is similar to another classic, “The Bullet and the Badge” which I have an awesome win on, check it out:

In 2Can, you win by landing winning paylines although the real fun is with the Free Games Bonus which is triggered by landing 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols for 10, 15 or 20 free games respectively. During the bonus, any 2Can symbol that lands will create another 2Can on another reel on a space where there doesn’t exist a 2Can! 2Can symbols are wild, so you can see how this can get very interesting very quick and as a matter of fact you will see it when you watch this 2Can slot video, Enjoy!

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23 thoughts on “LOVE IT! 2Can Slot – BIG WIN BONUS – LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE BIRDS!

  1. 2Can (Tucans are some fantastic looking birds) hopefully will bring you some HUGE wins. Have a wonderful & fun holiday season!!!

  2. 2Can is an awesome retro classic in many ways similar to The Bullet and the Badge, which I had a Huge Win on, check it out: What I love about these classics is that they are playable and scoring a 100x win isn't an extremely rare event – just like with Red Baron, another great one:–Y And of course if you are really fans of these classics, check out my Premier Stream: Aristocrat Retro Classics Battle Royale!

  3. Wow i love those retro classics but they dont love me I'm so glad you got that great last bonus it put you over ,keep playing them it might give me some initiative to play when I go back next year . Love to see you win and enjoy watching when I can Thanks for sharing Tim 👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤

  4. I love your reaction when the two bonus symbols show up on the first two reels for the 3rd time… "mm hmm" lmao. Much better than my reaction of "you stupid rigged machine!" lol

  5. Omg mr. BP. The third one sure was the charm. Congratulations that awesome to see. Old school classic . Lol that was a rush

  6. That was definitely at Big Win! I'm sure glad you stuck it out and finally got that Big Win Bonus! Fun Video!

  7. Classics never disappoint . If it’s ur lucky day even a hand pay is possible in $2.50. Loved it.

  8. Awesome win! Great job. I miss those type of games, this reminds me of my favorite classic slot meteor storm. Keep up the videos and thanks for sharing.

  9. Great win on this classic! It's one of my mom's favorites- so much fun! Thanks for sharing! 😎👍

  10. Omy that last bonus saved you. Never played that one . The top symbol in front and 3 birds? I wonder if can get more than 3? Great job on channel, 👍❄🦌🐎🎄🙋‍♀️hello from forest of Idaho. Happy holidays to all.

  11. Gotta love those oldie machines! One of my favorites is the 2Cans and it does seem to pay nicely when I play it! Great win as always, Tim! Oh by the way, was the second half of this video filmed on a different 2Can slot machine than the first?

  12. Great showing of this game, what a chance to get 5 wilds!! On another note if there ever was a games meant to be played in 5 cent denom this is it. I find in 1 cent it's just way too difficult to win over $500 on.

  13. Great retro game and I really like the bonus concept on this one and 3rd time was definitely the charm with a 100x win! Great session and videos I can watch these classics nonstop!

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