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New exciting slot from Pragmatic – Santas wonderland. mrBigSpin did some bonus buys and got a BIG WIN on max x15 level on this slot!
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11 thoughts on “MAX LEVEL HUGE WIN – SANTA’S WONDERLAND Slot Bonus Buys

  1. I believe my brain is driffrent to everyone else , because you understand these new slots straight away , but not me O NO , I don’t understand this at all yet . I need to understand and know what it’s all about before I can say weather I like it or not .
    But it did raise your balance , I saw that . Megaways and me are not in love .
    Yes it’s December all ready , and I hope it brings you HUGE Profits and cash outs .

  2. nice! actually the most importand difference with gems bonanza is that you always get 5 features on the table at base game.

  3. It’s definitely not less volatile – the pays are actually 1/2 of gems, and the multi is on 1/3 more so you’re actually getting paid less for the same hits on Santa’s BS Wonderland than Gems. . . Haven’t seen many break evens let alone that win.. . So nice one bud!

  4. i got a 1400x on a 10 euro bonus buy. It is my first buy of this slot. Not going to touch it for a very long time.

  5. By far the biggest scam i ever played. Pragmatic shows its a crooked company who Will cheat on you in the long run. They take you for granted and give u some decent crap when you stop care about it. I have played this game quite a lot this xmas. I played it right at release, i literally had 5 Bonuses within 1 hour a few decent ones. To me it was the best xmas game i played That Evening.
    So i played it again a few days later, was solid, pretty ok. Plus minus, come si come sa.
    When i say play, i play about 400 spins a session, so its quite a lot.
    3rd session, i won some then lost soms. Ofc Pragmatic gotta have their money back, cuz god Knows RTP works in one direction, but not the other way around (in their favor ofc). I stopped believe in RTP long long time ago. Ofc you dont wanna play at casinos where casino lower the flexible part of Rtp (for instance Videoslots had 2-3 % lower Than others (ie casumo had higher, leovegas etc). Still i think RTP is a box fat lie. I have 0% confidence in it.
    So then xmas comes, and i think, i gonna play Santas wonderland, and the fact That i had doubts in Pragmatic, i felt hey, i gonna give them some faith, cuz eventuelly this game That gave me 5 Bonuses in 1 hour, gonna give at least something cool back again. After all, it is a xmas game and its xmas eve, something gotta give, its happy times. Now. I dont mean bada-bing bada-bom woah superprofit, but at least some Santa Action.
    But HELL to the NO, i played it 24th dec (6 hours and 25th 4 hours). Thats 10 hours, No bonus. It kept doing the same, almost bonus, almost bonus, huge block miss and wilds missing ofc. And like an old vinyl record, it never stopped.
    That is absolutely horrible. Its flawed, its puré disrespect for both amount of hours and money i put in. I know it sounds a bit bad, but i stand by it, it is so crappy it actually ruined my xmas playwise.

    But i definately think That there is something wrong with Pragmatic past half year. It is like They are primarly a marketing company That bait more Than They actually pay. Some dirty entertainings Thats for sure.

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