MAX WINS ONLY: Top 10 – Community Biggest Wins of 2021

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The Top 10 community biggest slot wins of 2021 with only MAX WINS! We’ve had a bunch of amazing submissions throughout the year which all lead down to this crazy slot compilation featuring some of the biggest wins we’ve ever seen! Big thanks to everyone who shared their wins, may 2022 bring you even more luck!

Features big wins submitted on the CasinoGrounds forum between the 1st of January 2021 to the 31st of December 2021.

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Featured Wins:
00:00 Intro
00:08 #10 Fillepille1 – Wanted Dead or A Wild
01:00 #9 Jarem – Emerald King Rainbow Road
02:12 #8 Idroon321 – Top Dawgs
04:58 #7 DeathByQuads – Money Train 2
06:27 #6 Degenkings – Bandits Thunder Link
08:13 #5 Theoutlaw – Das xBoot
09:41 #4 Kowita – Infectious 5
12:21 #3 Mioneth – Fire in the Hole
16:07 #2 Ultralight64 – Mental
17:59 #1 Lokoman – San Quentin

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MAX WINS ONLY: Top 10 – Community Biggest Wins of 2021

40 thoughts on “MAX WINS ONLY: Top 10 – Community Biggest Wins of 2021

  1. Thanks to all the community members and everyone submitting wins throughout the year!
    You are CasinoGrounds!

    For anyone who haven't already checked out our community hub, feel free to do so at

  2. Also ihr lappen hab mal ausgerechnet…wenn die maxwin Wahrscheinlichkeit bei 1 zu 100 Milguyden liegt (bsp hier book of Duat 22000x) und ein Spiel 3sekunden dauert müsste man 4000 Jahre am Stück spielen um diesen Gewinn zu erzielen.

  3. Ma non esistono sti bonus dai e inutile che continuate a pubblicare che non ci crede nessuno su!!

  4. Only 1 win not a bonus buy. Wouldn't mind seeing the top wins of 2021 without a bonus buy.

  5. All 20 cent 50 cent bets..
    One things for sure will never happen 2 me!!
    Couldn't win a argument ffs!!!

  6. The last one was $6.00 bet.. so how much did the bonus buy cost him? Has anyone seen someone win big on that san Quinton game here in the uk? Or without buying the feature.. because i been playing this slot well over a year now and not even had 4 scatters.. actually i did have 4 in the feature.. but it came very late.. dont get me wrong it can still play a bit but not from what i have seen on the bonus buys… i swear if you buy 5 scaters i can just see profit or can it fk you??

  7. Great videos !! At least this is not entertaining like exposed videos and streams.he won like millions and he lives in a such small apartment……

  8. You wanna play more games and win, go get your undetectable counterfeit bills from him, best vendor I had dealt with, note quality 💯

  9. Do you guys think there is any difference if you buy bonus or you get it in the base game? I mean, is there more chance to have a big hit for buying or spinning?

  10. There are stories where a persistent collector collects from a persistent collector
    (I dont get why the number for max is so random)

  11. That infection 5 win is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen, what a hit id be running round the street naked if I got a hit like that 😂

  12. U r good luck. I am many lost my money lost. I feel this it is entertaining …

  13. вы должны быть более честными со своими подписчиками и говорить правду, что вы используете фальшивую учетную запись и что вам платят за эту вводящую в заблуждение рекламу. Вы должны быть арестованы за то, что вовлекаете людей в эти азартные игры, которые крадут больше, чем платят.

  14. what's the worse ? thinking that how far are we really from home. how many levels down are we now.what level are we at now? probably to lowest. hahaha

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