12 thoughts on “Moe | Yassuo getting max win 120.000 $ | LIVE SLOTS

  1. This is scam bro how they seting up those max wins they are all controlling the whole system imagine how obvious that was that gona pay max win after re and give 25x and 12 spins if they wana pay then gona pay.

  2. Please don't look at this and think you can do the same, you'll always end up losing in the long term gambling!

  3. All of gambling site who accept crypto are scamm who pay streamers for good reviews

  4. I've come to the conclusion that every gambling streamer has either:

    A. Never been to a real, brick and mortar casino in their life
    B. Is the type of person at a real casino to yell their lungs out at a table minimum blackjack.

  5. I just love the fact that his friends are real friends that supported him while winning so much and also after so that he won’t bet anymore. That’s some true f**king friendship there.

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