MY BIGGEST WIN EVER Playing Huff N’ More Puff!

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I needed that after yesterday! Thank you everyone for watching I really love making these videos and appreciate your support!!


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MY BIGGEST WIN EVER Playing Huff N’ More Puff!

40 thoughts on “MY BIGGEST WIN EVER Playing Huff N’ More Puff!

  1. What a life to be able to do this daily! Very fun to just watch and enjoy alongside.

  2. Huge congratulations matt, loving what your pushing out and im so happy to see you gaining traction here on youtube you are going to be the face of gambling soon here on youtube and anywhere you are so fun to watch and love your personality for being yourself and actually being excited to win. Much love as always from Australia ❤

  3. I won a minor on huff and more puff on a 1.50 bet and three mini x 4 that paid out 3600 dollars. I don't understand on how a 25 dollar bet your winnings were only 3x more than mine. And i only had 2 gold mansions. These games annoy the f out of me with the wild ass payouts. The minor on the 1.50 bet was 3125.00 so the bulk of the win was that. Crazy.

  4. G'day Vegas Matt u are a dead set legend Down Under my friend, Australia luvd you're energy, i see u luv playing our Australian Made Aristocrat Pokie Machines yeah lol, i luv watchin u Win Big Vegas Matt keep up the Huge Wins buddy, Any chance of a Shoutout to Dazza from Sydney mate?🙏.

  5. Congrats! Glad to see someone win on this game. One of my favorite games, but I rarely win.

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  7. I can’t believe that this was in my casino I live here in Little Rock !! And that’s my huff n more puff machine I play !! I’m so sad I missed you !!

  8. So the best thing that can happen is like a 400x?? In Online Casinos you can get like 100.000x your bet and you‘ll get a 1000x pretty often

  9. I did a whopper of a $3 bet and hit 10 grand on first pull. I’m well aware that’ll never happen again. Also found out my license was expired so had the anvil in my chest of needing to go to work then drive 2 hours home and 2 hours back the next morning, without losing a thumb sized piece of paper that I needed to collect jackpot

  10. Wow!!!! This was amazing for a 2nd spin and a top tier Mansion feature!

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