My BIGGEST WIN on the NEW Greedy Wolf Slot! (Bonus Buys)

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In this video, I decide to try something new for a video and only do spins to hunt for bonuses… since I can’t buy them that is. Plus a few clips of the slot from when I played it while on vacation! if you want to see more, be sure to drop a like and I hope you enjoy the video.

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My BIGGEST WIN on the NEW Greedy Wolf Slot! (Bonus Buys)

40 thoughts on “My BIGGEST WIN on the NEW Greedy Wolf Slot! (Bonus Buys)

  1. If you guys wanna play some slots tourneys on prag slots with no need/chance to deposit checkout socialtournaments 🙂 thank me later

    E: sick win! Played this when it dropped on the site above and didnt mansge to hit **** in 1k spins.. lol

  2. It almost looks like the ones that were worth 20k, are the ones where the construction landed on them after they were already castles.

  3. Video was so chill. Matched my high perfectly. Glad you're back, hope you had a nice trip.

  4. This i great video idea since pragmatic stopped paying for a while, spinning slots might save u alot mate u win some and lose some be happy about it and am happy with what u got watch

  5. I'm from Australia and huff n puff and piggy bank are my favourite pokie machine and the only ones I pay

  6. That was fun to watch still like the cases lol. But I’m a faithful watcher living though you. 👍

  7. I def prefer spins honestly. Nobody really does them for videos. I wish you’d even upload your spins you do for bonus hunts.

  8. Thank you for showing the big hit first hate when people mix it up with diffent video and bait the big hit for the end yours feels like 2 good vidz in one 😄👍🇩🇰 All love from denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

  9. This is a straight rip off of huff n puff (best slot ever) only thing huff n puff has better is when you hit a max house you get paid insane on it since it stops building.

  10. The upgrade on the purples could possibly upgrade how much money you get off it, say it was the $7500 at the start and then the more times it landed in there added a extra $2500 if you know what I mean

  11. Theirs a ton of fun slots with cool bonuses u can only spin. I say u start seeking them out. That's why I love bonus hunt videos. Allot of creators show slots bonuses they hardly ever do videos on sense their spin in only.

  12. hi bro im from serbia i just got 849.5 x on 0.1 bet im glad im watch your vid of this slot… sry my english is not so good if i wrote somting wrong… Good luck in the future anda max win on madam desteny one more time much love from serbia

  13. I love the hype drop vids. But i dont have Twitter so i am never abel too win at tue giveaway haha

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